Types of Colorado Liability Insurance

Colorado insurance companies offer general liability insurance and many types of custom liability insurance policies. Liability coverage is available to cover buildings, property, vehicles and people. Most people are aware of general liability insurance. This can be a combination of coverage to protect against lawsuits for bodily injury, personal injury and damage to property. Businesses need to have general liability insurance and some opt for additional specific liability policies.

There are some areas of business that require specific coverage. For example, a contractor needs to have special coverage that protects their business against claims for mistakes or poor workmanship, and they need to be sure that any subcontractors they hire also have liability coverage. Here are a few types of Colorado liability insurance options for businesses:

  1. Contractor General Liability
  2. Construction Liability
  3. Environmental Liability
  4. Errors and Omissions
  5. Pollution Liability
  6. Employment Practices Liability
  7. Directors and Officers
  8. Excess Liability
  9. Garage Keepers
  10. Medical Professional Liability
  11. Nursing

General liability policies can be written to include aspects of liability that are specific to a particular business. For example, there is liquor liability for bars and restaurants, inland marine transport liability for those in the inland waterway transportation business, and there is pollution liability for industries like mining and drilling. Most of these policies apply to a business or commercial situation.

For individuals, ask the local insurance agent about general liability when discussing policies for home, vehicles and property. Liability is for everyone and all businesses. If someone becomes injured, killed or property damage is due to some negligence or problem at a home, business or other property location, the liability insurance can be a blessing to help protect against personal financial ruin or bankruptcy following lawsuits.

Every state has different insurance regulations; for Colorado interests, please contact your local Colorado insurance agent for detailed information and advice. They are in the best position to made recommendations based upon the latest governmental regulations and requirements.