Are there vehicles that have safe designs that can lower my insurance?

Who wouldn’t want to save money on car insurance? There are many factors that go into car insurance cost. For example, a good driver will pay less than a driver with a lot of accidents and a driver in Littleton will probably pay less than a driver in Los Angeles. Another factor to look at is your vehicle–to insurance companies, not all vehicles are created equal. Some vehicles have safe designs and safety features that make them less likely to have a serious accident, thus making them cheaper to insure.

One of the most common safety features that will save you money on car insurance is anti-lock brakes. They come standard on many cars and are available as an option on most, but having them reduces your chance of an accident and your insurance costs.

Side impact air bags can reduce the likelihood of a fatality in a crash, a fact which can lead to reductions in insurance premiums of up to 40 percent with some companies and policies. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says that electronic stability control can reduce auto collision losses by 15 percent, too. With that in mind, having this option on your car will bring down your costs of insurance.

Safer cars mean lower insurance premiums, so it pays to find cars with great safety features.