What is an occupant compartment?

Car insurance documents can contain a lot of confusing jargon. Learning just what all these words mean can make it easier to know which policies have the right coverage for you. When looking at information about car insurance or the risks of car accidents, one of the terms you will encounter is “occupant compartment.”

The occupant compartment is that part of a vehicle where the passengers sit. The size and location vary, but this part is present in all passenger vehicles, typically behind the engine and in front of the trunk or bed. The quality of the design a car or truck will affect how safe that vehicle is. Vehicles that are designed to keep damage far away from the occupant compartment are generally safer. For instance, many SUVs feature roll bars to reduce damage. A well-designed occupant compartment will have safety features inside, as well, such as standard devices like seat belts and air bags. Newer cars have more advanced features such as systems for detecting blind spots and systems that will warn you if you drift from your lane.

Safer vehicles generally have lower insurance premiums. When shopping for a car in the Englewood or Highlands Ranch area, keep safety in mind to keep insurance costs down. Choosing a car with the best protected occupant compartment not only saves lives, but saves money, as well.