What is the Difference Between Tenants’ and Renters’ Insurance?

If you rent your home or office, you have likely come across the terms “renters’ insurance” and “tenants’ insurance.” What’s the difference between the two? In short, nothing. Renters’ insurance and tenants’ insurance refer to the same thing.

This type of insurance protects the value of the contents of an apartment, office, or other rental property against common forms of loss. It can either cover specific types of loss or provide coverage against all causes. Typical loss categories include theft, fire, and flood.

Another benefit of renters’ insurance is coverage against liability. If someone is injured in your unit, the insurance will pay for a specific amount of medical costs, lawsuits, and other potentially costly effects.

You may wonder if you need tenant insurance at all. Doesn’t your landlord have coverage? The answer is no – the landlord does not have coverage for your belongings. Landlord-oriented tenant insurance might cover damage to the buildings and liability in common areas like hallways, pools, and sidewalks. But, you need your own insurance to cover the contents of your unit and any liability you may incur from accidents that happen there or on any property associated with your lease.

To find out how inexpensive it is to obtain the renters’ insurance you need in Englewood, Littleton, or the surrounding areas, contact us for a quote. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy and affordable it is to have the peace of mind of full coverage.