Get the Facts on the Minimum Auto Coverage Requirements in Centennial, CO

Colorado drivers are required by law to carry auto insurance that meets the state’s minimum standards. This insurance is designed to protect you from financial liability in a low-cost accident. It also helps ensure that other drivers on the road have their medical costs and property damage costs covered without having to pursue legal action against you when you cause an accident.

Minimum Colorado Liability Insurance Coverage

Colorado law dictates that your insurance policy must include at least $15,000 of coverage for property damage liability for each accident. This part of your policy pays for damages to other vehicles and structures if you cause an accident. In addition, state requirements in Colorado specify that you need to have at least $25,000 of bodily injury liability coverage per person in an accident, up to a total of at least $50,000 per accident.

Shopping for Auto Insurance in Centennial, Colorado

Now that you know the facts about the insurance you need to get as a driver in Colorado, it’s time to start shopping for a policy. Not all insurance companies charge the same price for this basic policy, so you can save money by comparing quotes. The best way to do this is through an independent agent who gathers quotes from many of the top insurance companies in Centennial on your behalf.

Your independent agent can also make recommendations on whether you may want to purchase more insurance than the minimum requirements. These minimums won’t necessarily cover all of your liability in an accident, which could leave your assets at risk. Talk with your agent about getting quotes on more extensive policies as well to ensure that you are fully covered. You may even want to consider an umbrella liability policy for maximum protection.

Types of Insurance Discounts that Can Save You Money in Colorado

Today, more than ever before, saving money is on the forefront of most families’ minds. Those who live in Colorado are lucky to have access to many exciting discounts that can help them save money on insurance. Learning more about these discounts is one of the easiest ways to cut your monthly expenses, without making you feel like you are tightening your belt too much.

The first thing to remember is that you will likely nearly always save more money on your insurance when you work with an independent agent, like the experts at Centennial. While you can get adequate coverage by going through a national firm, even ordering your insurance online, it is very easy to miss out on possible discounts this way. An independent agent will work with you and help determine those discounts for which you qualify.

Probably the simplest discount is obtained through bundling. Many agencies are so eager to get your business for all the different insurance types that they are willing to offer a lower price if you sign up for multiple insurance types through them. Without changing your coverage, you will save money.

There are often many auto insurance discounts available based on your driving abilities. Safe driver discounts reward drivers who have not have an accident in a certain period of time and some agencies will also provide a discount for taking driving or defensive driving courses.

A final way to save money is less of a discount and more common sense. Make sure you are not paying for more insurance than you need. Are you paying for flood insurance but in an area where a flood is unlikely? How about paying for life insurance for a child? These are cases where simply cutting back on insurance will make a big difference.

Ways Gap Insurance Coverage Can Protect Automobile Owners in Centennial, CO

Automobile owners in the Centennial Colorado area are usually aware of the necessity of having a good automobile insurance policy, but there are certain policy additions that a lot of people are unaware of. Some of these policy additions, like GAP coverage, can really be a life saver for your finances.

A new automobile, or even a "new to you" auto, is a major purchase, in fact one of the biggest ones you may make in life. Since you are going to be investing so much money in your car, it simply makes sense to protect that investment as much as you are able to. This includes guarding against not just damage or wrecks, but also should include guarding against a situation where your car is totaled. If your car is wrecked your regular auto insurance from your independent agent will pay for the vehicle’s book value at the time of the wreck. This means, for example, that if your car has a blue book value of $20,000 but you have only had it for a few months and still owe $25,000 on it, you will be left with a $5,000 deficiency.

GAP can make it possible for you to have a fresh start if you were to lose your car, since your old vehicle will be completely paid off. When you consider the small investment you’ll pay for GAP every month, you can see that its ability to protect you and your vehicle investment is well worth it.

GAP insurance protect you from getting stuck with that debt, because GAP bridges the gap between what the insurance pays and what you actually owe! Your Centennial Colorado independent agent can set you up with a GAP policy today. It may just be one of the best decisions you ever make to protect your finances and automobile!

Who Is Liable if a Neighbor’s Tree Fell on Your Property in Centennial, Colorado?

You take pride in caring for your own home and yard. You would not think of letting anything in your yard cause a problem for your neighbor. Unfortunately, accidents simply cannot be avoided in some instances. One instance is when a tree falls. If a tree fell on your property but it was in your neighbor’s yard, who is responsible for it?

Talk to You Agent First

In nearly all situations, accidents like this are often covered by homeowner’s insurance policies. This means that your insurance agent will come to your home, determine what the estimated damage cost is and then cut a check for the costs. It is always best to contact your agent first to handle claims related to your property.

Is It Negligence?

In most situations, these are "acts of nature" and not something that can be prevented. However, if there is an instance in which the tree fell as a result of someone else’s negligence, then that person may be responsible for the costs. His or her insurance may also be responsible.

Proving this can be difficult. For example, if the neighbor had a branch that was dead or dying and a windstorm took it down, that could be ruled as negligence if you can prove that the weakened branch was why it fell. The good news is you do not have to deal with this on your own. Your agent will help you to handle negligent claims like this regarding whether or not the other person is liable.

For those in Centennial, Colorado, getting help starts with having the right insurance coverage for your home. Talk to an independent agent to determine if you have the right coverage or need more.