The Facts about having Commercial Auto Insurance in Centennial, Colorado

Something you may not think about very often is commercial auto insurance. In fact, many businesses do not even think about the benefits of this type of insurance until it is too late. However, by choosing to use commercial insurance for company vehicles not only are the vehicles, and in turn you, better protected, your business is likely to save money too.

Facts about Commercial Auto Insurance

  • There are many types of commercial auto insurance available. This means that even if you operate a seasonal business, you may be able to maintain a comprehensive-only policy and protect against vandalism, theft and other issues even during the off season.
  • You may find that it is cheaper to purchase commercial auto insurance from a separate provider than the one you use for liability and/or worker’s compensation. Shop around online to find the best rate for your company’s needs.
  • Each company offers different services. If you need roadside assistance, 24/7 claims service or other similar services, you may need to shop around and find a company that offers what you need.
  • Working with an independent agent gives you the personal attention you need for your business. An independent agent may also be the best way to easily compare rates for several different insurance companies.
  • Personal auto insurance may not provide full coverage on a business vehicle. That is why it is so important to make certain that if you need commercial auto insurance if it is necessary. Speak with your agent to find out if this is something you need.

If you are located in or around Centennial, Colorado, give us a call today and let us see what type of commercial auto insurance will fit the needs of you and your business.

Roof Maintenance: How to Protect your home in Centennial, Colorado

If you own a home in Centennial, Colorado, you know that extreme weather conditions can damage or destroy the roof of your home if not properly maintained. There are a few easy steps you can take to make sure your roof is not damaged or if you do have damage, your insurance plan will cover the repairs.

One of the most important maintenance issues for your roof is cleaning the gutters. Leaves and other debris can clog the drain in the gutter and water will build up and cause rot and mold. Every couple of months you should clean the gutters and make sure they are clear. When it rains, if you see a spot in the gutter that is not draining, keep track of the location and clean it out as soon as possible. This is just one way to protect the roof of your Centennial home.

Another important aspect of maintenance is trimming branches so they do not lay on the roofing structure. If there are dead limbs on the trees close to your home, you should trim them so during the next big wind storm you do not have a larger problem. Although your Colorado insurance plan should cover this type of damage, no one wants to deal with covering the roof and waiting for the repairs to be made.

Before you have a roofing problem, make sure your current homeowners insurance plan will cover damages from storms or other hazards. Replacing a roofing system can be expensive and you do not want to pay out of pocket. Many insurance plans will cover wind damage, although if the damage is due to improper maintenance, you may have a problem. Your home is your investment. Take care of it today so it will take care of you tomorrow.

The Benefits of having Short Term Car Insurance in Centennial, Colorado

Most car insurance policies are designed to last for a year. However, there are instances where you only need car insurance for a short time. In these cases, short term car insurance can be the perfect solution to your insurance needs. If you are located in or around Centennial, Colorado, you have many options when it comes to choosing short term car insurance. Make the right choice for your situation by using online tools to compare rates.

So why would you need short term car insurance? There are several reasons. One of the most common would be if you were visiting a location for a short amount of time. Perhaps you are living out of state for a few months to complete a project for work. In that case, short term car insurance is ideal. Another situation would be if a college age student lives at school part of the year and back home part of the year. Using short term insurance fills this need perfectly.

Years ago, you simply went to your independent agent and took the information they gave you without question. However, now you have the internet available to you and you can compare both the benefits and the price of various insurance options with the click of a mouse. Technology has done a lot to make the insurance buying process easier for consumers.

Spend some time browsing online to find out what insurance option is best for you, and then compare rates here to choose an option that is affordable as well as one that meets your needs. The time you spend researching will pay off in the long term as you save money and deal with an independent agent that is dedicated to meeting your needs.

How is Occupant Compartment relative to my insurance coverage in Colorado?

An independent agent in Centennial will be able to fully define the definition for Occupant Compartment in Colorado. The definition of occupant is a covered property like a dwelling used as a person’s residence, a car, a train car, sleeping quarters in a large long haul semi-truck, a shelter and anywhere that a person can reside and has their personal possessions.

Compartment is defined as a part of a space where the area is divided into a whole or separate room, a section or an area that is ideal for a resident.

In this instance this would be considered an insurance coverage where a person is residing. Insurance policies that landlords hold, do not routinely cover personal belongings of the renter. People who are defined as an occupant compartment resident will need insurance coverage’s on their personal belongings.

The only thing that the owner of a rental dwelling is concerned with is replacement of the dwelling should it be destroyed in any number of ways. When the structure that the person is living is destroyed, generally so are all of their personal possessions. There are so many types and kinds of rental insurance that the issue can become quite confusing. The first step would be to contact a local independent agent in Centennial for assistance.

The occupant will need to get specific renter’s insurance to pay for any of their personal possessions if they are lost with the structure. This could entail a tornado, hurricane, flood, fire, ice, collapse of the structure and much more. In Colorado, renter’s insurance is designed to cover personal loss of possessions. It is also designed to protect the renter if they are personally responsible for injury or property damage to others. In Colorado, this is how occupant compartment has a bearing on your insurance coverage.

In conclusion, no person who is renting a dwelling and calling it their residence, to a semi- truck driver who is staying in their sleeping compartment on the road, can afford to be without insurance. Be sure to contact us today and speak with an independent agent to get some comparisons before buying your policy.