Understanding What Is Covered on Your Homeowners Policy for Natural Disasters in Colorado

For those who have a homeowners insurance policy, knowing what is covered in it is critical. For those in Centennial, Colorado, a range of weather events and natural disasters can occur and leave you with significant damage to your property. Every policy is slightly different so you will need to contact an independent agent to learn about the specifics. However, in most cases, the following natural occurrences may be covered under your policy.

  • Fire brought on by lightning is often covered.
  • Windstorms that damage your home, such as causing a tree branch to break off and hit your property are often covered.
  • Hail damage, especially to your roof, windows, or vehicles may be covered by your insurance.
  • Explosions if they are caused by a natural disaster may also be covered, such as lightening striking a power main.
  • Smoke damage from a related fire may be covered.
  • Damage caused by the weight of ice buildup or snow can be a common problem in the Colorado area. Sleet can also be dangerous and is often covered.
  • Overflow of water from a stream or river or from other flooding, if your policy has flood coverage may be covered. Keep in mind that some areas of Colorado may be in a flood zone, which means this type of insurance may not be available.

It is also important to know what is commonly not covered. Earth movements, such as earthquakes or tremors are not often covered. Any type of nuclear accident is also not covered.

Here is the good news, though. To find out what coverage you have, to get more, or to get help filing a claim, contact us. At Compass Insurance Group, we are an independent agency that works to meet your needs. Let us help you to ensure you home is properly insured.