If I lodge a claim in Englewood, CO after the policy expires but for the event that occurred during the policy period, will it still be valid?

Your auto insurance policy will provide coverage if you should get into an accident at any time while the policy is in force. Colorado law allows you to file a claim with your car insurance company or file a lawsuit in an auto accident case within two years of the date of the incident. In most cases, it is best to report an accident and file a claim with your insurance carrier as soon as you can after an accident has occurred.

In Englewood, Colorado, as well as every other place in the United States, you can still file a claim after your car insurance policy has expired as long as the accident happened while you were insured. For instance, if you had an accident on May 17 and your insurance expired on May 20, you can still file a claim on June 1 for any injuries or damages you may have suffered.

The key point to remember is that your auto insurance coverage depends on the date of the accident and not the date that you report the accident and file a claim. If, you wait more than a few days, you can expect your insurance company to ask you why you took so long to report the claim. Your insurer wants you to report accidents immediately, but there is no law that requires you to do so.

For your protection and to avoid delays in the handling and processing of your claim, it is a good idea to notify your insurer as quickly as you can. If you let your policy expire for any reason after the accident, but before you file a claim, you are still covered. While this type of situation is a little unusual, we can help you through the process. If you have any questions, please give us a call and an independent agent will be happy to put your mind at ease.

What if the accident takes place in a city other than Highlands Ranch, CO where the auto insurance policy was issued?

When you purchase auto insurance in  Highlands Ranch, Colorado, your policy is issued by an insurance company that is licensed and regulated by the state of Colorado. Your auto insurance policy provides accident coverage whether you have an accident in  Highlands Ranch, Aspen or any other city it Colorado. You are also fully covered if you have an accident in a city outside of the state of Colorado.

While each state has their own insurance commission and regulates the companies that provide car insurance within its boundaries, they do not have any authority to intervene in the way accidents are handled in other states. Your insurance policy covers you when you are traveling away from  Highlands Ranch to points near or far from your home town.

People have accidents all of the time while on vacation or traveling for business. Imagine what a mess it would be if your policy only covered your car in specifically listed cities. It is utter nonsense and fortunately, Colorado or any other state does not have such a ridiculous rule. Your auto coverage travels with you and your vehicle.

If you should have an accident far from home, it is not very different than having one right in  Highlands Ranch. You still should report the accident and follow the same procedures as you would if the accident occurred around the block from your home. Your insurance company usually has a toll-free number to report accidents.

There is no doubt that you are covered for an accident no matter where it happens, but, it can get a little more complicated when you file a claim. There may be issues with where the vehicle needs to be repaired or if you are covered for a long-distance tow back to a repair shop in your local area.

As your independent agent, we can help you sort out the problems you may encounter when you have an accident hundreds or thousands of miles away from home. Please give us a call and an independent agent will do everything possible to assist you so you can get back to your normal life.

How do I renew my auto insurance policy online in Centennial, Colorado?

Many Centennial, Colorado drivers find it more convenient to renew their auto insurance policies online. These days, most car insurance providers have a website where policyholders can log in and review their account information. It is through the website that you can also choose to renew your policy for a new term.

What You Need to Renew Your Policy

When you renew your car insurance policy online, most of your information is already kept on file. However, you may be asked to verify your address and payment information. If you wish to change your billing information, keep this information on hand to make the process go faster.

Be sure to renew your policy at least 45 days before it is set to expire. This will give you plenty of time to take care of problems that may come up so that you can complete your renewal before it expires.

What to Look For When Renewing

It is important to review your policy thoroughly before you renew. If you wish to make changes to your policy to increase or reduce coverage, now is the time to do so.

Some drivers may notice that their rates have increased or even decreased from before. Your driving record, the age of your car, and the number of drivers added to your policy are among the factors that can influence your new rates.

How an Independent Agent Can Help

In general, it is a good idea to maintain a good relationship with an insurance provider over a long period of time. So if you are happy with the terms of your policy, it is usually in your best interest to renew for a new term. However, if your rates have increased or you believe that new circumstances should warrant a better rate than your insurer will offer, consider switching companies rather than renewing your policy.

Contact us today to speak with an independent agent who can help you compare auto insurance policies and receive the best rates on your car insurance.

In Centennial, Colorado, Can I take an auto insurance policy for a vehicle belonging to someone else?

Auto insurance can be a tricky thing if you do not know much about the process of getting an auto policy. When you first get your driver’s license you were added onto a policy so you could drive legally. Later on you may have gotten your own plan and ended up having several questions about your coverage benefits. One issue that some people face is what to do if the car is not in your name? Can you still take out an insurance policy?

What if the Car is Not in Your Name

  1. Under insurance regulations any person seeking to buy an insurance policy must have some kind of interest in whatever is being insured. This is what is known as insurable interest.
  2. Let’s say for the moment that you are a college student with your parents’ car and you live in a different state. You find that the car is in your parent’s name so the insurance agent said you cannot insure the car. In order for you to be able to insure the car you will have to have your name added to the title.
  3. If your parents are not able to add you to the title, then they will have to be the ones who carry the insurance on the car. They will have to inform their current agent that the car is parked at a school out of state. This way the agent is aware of the risk of out of state driving.

If you live in Centennial, Colorado and have questions about your auto insurance policy, then as your independent agent we can help. We can advise you of what you need to do in order to insure you car. Call us today and let us help you protect your investment with a great policy.