In Centennial, Colorado, Can I take an auto insurance policy for a vehicle belonging to someone else?

Auto insurance can be a tricky thing if you do not know much about the process of getting an auto policy. When you first get your driver’s license you were added onto a policy so you could drive legally. Later on you may have gotten your own plan and ended up having several questions about your coverage benefits. One issue that some people face is what to do if the car is not in your name? Can you still take out an insurance policy?

What if the Car is Not in Your Name

  1. Under insurance regulations any person seeking to buy an insurance policy must have some kind of interest in whatever is being insured. This is what is known as insurable interest.
  2. Let’s say for the moment that you are a college student with your parents’ car and you live in a different state. You find that the car is in your parent’s name so the insurance agent said you cannot insure the car. In order for you to be able to insure the car you will have to have your name added to the title.
  3. If your parents are not able to add you to the title, then they will have to be the ones who carry the insurance on the car. They will have to inform their current agent that the car is parked at a school out of state. This way the agent is aware of the risk of out of state driving.

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