Are my Personal Possessions Covered by Home Insurance in Centennial, Colorado? Are There any Limits on Certain Valuables Such as Jewelry or Electronics?

Homeowners insurance plans will usually provide some protection for personal belongings that are in the house, but the amount of coverage that is available in Centennial , Colorado may vary. If you are not sure about what is covered under your home policy, it is important to review your current coverage before you make a claim .

Variation Between Plans

An insurance policy for your home will usually cover personal possessions , but the limitation on the policy may vary. For example, some insurers may offer coverage for personal belongings up to 10 percent of the total policy. Other insurers may offer more or less.

Read through your plan to determine the exact limitations on your current policy. It will usually provide a percentage or a specific dollar amount based on the amount of coverage you purchased on your home .

Limitations on Items

Although some insurers will not specify a limitation on specific items, like jewelry or electronics, it may be appropriate to purchase specific coverage for any item that is very expensive. The reason is that you may have a limitation on the total coverage amount, which may limit your ability to replace other belongings.

If you have expensive jewelry or electronics, then purchase a policy for those specific items. It is also appropriate to purchase coverage for heirloom possessions or similar items.

A homeowner’s insurance policy may not provide all of the coverage you need for personal belongings. Although the limits on your current policy may vary, some insurers do have set limitations on the amount that you are provided. Contact us to talk to an independent agent to learn more about homeowners insurance and the differences between policies.