Should I Inform the Home Insurer in Centennial, Colorado, if I Have Changed the Security System of my House?

When homeowners make changes to the security system on a home, it is usually a good idea to inform the Centennial, Colorado insurer about the change. The different security system may or may not impact your insurance policy, so it is important to tell your insurer about the change before you make any new claims on your account.

Potential Discounts

If you update your security system, then it may be considered an improvement that makes your insurer happy with the change. In some cases, you may be offered a discount for the new system due to the improved safety available in your home.

Although some insurers may offer a discount, the ability to reduce your premium will vary. Some insurers may not be willing to offer any reduced rates.

Making a Claim

When you do not inform your insurer about the change to your home, it will become harder to make acclaim when a problem occurs. The reason is that the insurer will not have your security system in their account and therefore you may void your coverage due to the change.

Never assume that your coverage will remain the same if you change the system. Even if it is an improvement, your insurer will need the information in your account to ensure that you have appropriate coverage. Changes to your home may or may not impact your coverage, depending on the situation and the policy that you purchased.

Security is an important part of any house, but that does not mean you can avoid talking to your insurer about the change. Always inform your insurer when you make changes to your home. To learn more about protecting your home, contact us to talk to an independent agent today.