Can Mold Damage be Covered Under a Home Insurance Policy in Centennial, CO and to What Limits?

Mold is a concern for any homeowner because it can damage the building and cause a variety of complications. Even though homeowners are aware of the potential dangers of mold in Centennial, Colorado, it may not be covered under a basic home insurance policy.

Insurer Variations

Some insurers will not protect against mold damage, regardless of the situation. The insurers are allowed to legally refuse a claim for mold damage if it is stated in your policy that you do not have coverage or if it is excluded in the clauses.

In other cases, you may have coverage, but only to a limited extent. The exact limits on a policy may vary, so it is important to review the details of your plan before assuming that your insurer will cover the full cost of damages.

Additional Protection

If you are worried about mold growth, then it may be possible to add to your basic plan so that you are protected from damages and unnecessary expenses. Adding to your current policy may be possible through your insurer. If it is not possible to add the situation to your policy, then you may need to look for a different plan to protect your home and keep your family safe from potential health concerns.

The growth of mold is a problem that may impact your health. Even if you do not have coverage, it is best to remove the growth before it can cause serious health problems.

Every insurer has a different policy regarding the coverage that is available. In some cases, you may need to purchase additional protection to cover all of your concerns. Contact us to speak to an independent agent to learn more about your policy.

How to Determine How Much Home Insurance You Need

Looking over your homeowners insurance once a year is an excellent idea. By knowing how much coverage you have on your Centennial, Colorado area home, you can be sure you are adequately insured. In the event of a claim, you do not want to find out that the damages are not fully covered. There are steps you can take to determine how much insurance you need.

Home Values

The value of a home usually increases over time. Even if property values are declining, the costs of rebuilding or repairing a property tend to increase. The first step in determining your homeowner’s insurance needs understands what it will cost to replace your home. This also takes into account any unique architecture, improvements or additions to your property.

You should also periodically assess the contents of your home. If you have added a luxury bathroom, extensive entertainment system or professional kitchen, you need to make sure these investments are adequately covered. Create a basic home inventory list and compare the value to your current insurance coverage.

Insurance companies have tools available that allow them to estimate the replacement and repair costs for homes in specific areas. Your Centennial, Colorado home will not have the same replacement costs as a home in a different state or even a different city. The square footage of your home, the location, improvements, unique characteristics and personal possessions are all part of determining the amount of insurance you need.

As your independent agent for the Englewood, Highlands Ranch and centennial, Colorado areas, we are experts in helping clients understand their property values. We will be happy to assist you with determining the right amount of homeowners insurance for your individual property and possessions. We are also ready to assist you if you have a claim. Call us to speak to an independent agent today.

Do I need collision insurance in Centennial, CO? What if I own an old car that isn’t worth very much?

You do not necessarily need collision insurance in Centennial, CO if you own an old car that isn’t worth very much. Collision and comprehensive coverage takes care of your vehicle if you are involved in an accident. For example, if you hit someone’s car and your car sustains damage, your collision coverage will pay to have the vehicle fixed or replace the vehicle if it is totally destroyed. If your auto is not worth much money, when you make a claim, your Colorado automobile insurance plan will only give you what your car is worth – which may be less than the deductible that you have to pay. If you speak with our independent agent, you will be able to ask the necessary questions to make sure you have the coverage you need.

People living in Highlands Ranch or Englewood may drive an older car to work or school. Often these cars are not worth much and do not need comprehensive coverage. A basic liability plan should give you enough coverage to take care of the other car if you are involved in an accident. Although it will not help pay for repairs for your own car, it will save you from paying out of pocket for someone else’s car. Even if you have a low deductible, this type of auto insurance plan will save you money.

You can call our independent agent today to discuss your unique needs and make sure you have the correct type of coverage. Since we can compare quotes and rates with many different companies, we can find you a great policy for a great price. Just give us a call today.

If I Buy a New Car, Does the Type of Vehicle I Choose Affect the Price of my Insurance Premiums in Centennial, CO?

Finding an appropriate insurance policy for your new car can seem complicated in Centennial, Colorado. Depending on the vehicle, the situation and your driving record, your auto insurance premiums may or may not be impacted by the change.

Impact of the Car

The car that you purchase may impact the price of your auto coverage due to the differences between the safety features, the cost of repairs and the cost of parts.

An expensive vehicle that is difficult to repair or that has high cost parts may result in a slightly higher monthly payment for the same amount of coverage. On the other hand, a vehicle with a large number of safety features may actually reduce the current insurance rates. If the vehicle is more expensive to repair and has more safety features, then you may see a similar premium for the new car.

Variation between Companies

Every insurer has a different method of determining how much to charge for the insurance coverage that you want. Although the vehicle may have a slight impact on the cost, the primary factors that impact your premiums are related to your driving history and the statistical data associated with accidents within your age group. If you have a low risk of getting into an accident, then your insurance coverage may be reasonable, regardless of the vehicle that you choose.

It is hard to determine if your premiums will increase, but in many cases the impact of a new car is limited. Your premiums may remain similar to your current vehicle if you have a good driving record. To learn more about factors that impact your insurance rates, contact us to talk to an independent agent today.