How to Determine How Much Home Insurance You Need

Looking over your homeowners insurance once a year is an excellent idea. By knowing how much coverage you have on your Centennial, Colorado area home, you can be sure you are adequately insured. In the event of a claim, you do not want to find out that the damages are not fully covered. There are steps you can take to determine how much insurance you need.

Home Values

The value of a home usually increases over time. Even if property values are declining, the costs of rebuilding or repairing a property tend to increase. The first step in determining your homeowner’s insurance needs understands what it will cost to replace your home. This also takes into account any unique architecture, improvements or additions to your property.

You should also periodically assess the contents of your home. If you have added a luxury bathroom, extensive entertainment system or professional kitchen, you need to make sure these investments are adequately covered. Create a basic home inventory list and compare the value to your current insurance coverage.

Insurance companies have tools available that allow them to estimate the replacement and repair costs for homes in specific areas. Your Centennial, Colorado home will not have the same replacement costs as a home in a different state or even a different city. The square footage of your home, the location, improvements, unique characteristics and personal possessions are all part of determining the amount of insurance you need.

As your independent agent for the Englewood, Highlands Ranch and centennial, Colorado areas, we are experts in helping clients understand their property values. We will be happy to assist you with determining the right amount of homeowners insurance for your individual property and possessions. We are also ready to assist you if you have a claim. Call us to speak to an independent agent today.