If I break my leg while snowboarding and need to be brought down the mountain, am I covered?

If you are in Centennial, Colorado during the winter time, you will probably want to hit the slopes during the winter. But before you go, it is important to make sure that you have the right insurance to cover any emergencies. If you break a leg or sustain any other type of injury that requires you to be retrieved from the mountains, the rescue costs might not be covered by your regular health insurance policy.

Why Buy Ski and Snowboard Insurance?

Even if you are a seasoned pro, anyone can be injured on the slopes. If you break a leg or incur another type of paralyzing injury on the slopes, it might take a rescue team or air evacuation to transfer you to the nearest medical facility.

When it is necessary to retrieve you from the slopes, it can cost several thousand dollars, and you will be the one to foot the bill. Worse, your regular medical insurance policy might not kick in to cover these costs. And this is why ski and snowboard insurance is critical if you are planning to a ski or snowboard. Tailored insurance plans for skiers and snowboarders covers many of the emergency expenses that you can expect to encounter on your trip.

How Can an Independent Agent Help?

Fortunately, a ski and snowboard insurance policy does not necessarily have to be expensive. If you work with an independent agent, you can compare several different policies to find the best prices and levels of coverage. An independent agent can also help you adjust your policy so that it only contains the types of coverage that are relevant to your trip. So before you book your resort tickets, contact us today to speak with an independent agent about ski and snowboard insurance.

Is my business covered for disasters such as lightening strikes and earthquakes in Centennial, CO?

The first thing we have to review is your current business insurance policy coverage along with items it may not cover, known as exclusions. As your independent agent we strongly encourage you to take the time to call us so we can analyze the coverage in your existing standard policy with you.

In Centennial Colorado, or even in surrounding areas such as Englewood and Highlands Ranch every insurance company is different when it comes to standard commercial policies, damage exclusions, and the time it normally takes the company to settle insurance claims. You need this information before anything happens, not after the fact.

Before we forget, you should make provisions for a backup of all your critical files whether it be a backup on the cloud, or elsewhere. This is for safety sake.

When it comes to damage claims, natural disasters such as a tornado, hurricanes or other catastrophic occurrences are classified as acts of God by some insurance companies. If there’s an exclusion, we need to deal with it now.

As your independent agent, our goal is to provide you with options that will give you as muchproperty insurance protection as possible. You have enough to deal with on a day to day basis without worrying about coverage. We encourage you to contact us so we can discuss things together and give you information.

If we find that your commercial insurance policy does not give you adequate protection, we can explore riders that could be added onto your policy. Other considerations include state and federal government insurance options. There’s also nontraditional natural disaster commercial insurance in the market, but we need to evaluate what you currently have and based on your location, your potential risk factors.

What about the cars and truck that I have in my business in Centennial, CO? Is the coverage like what I have on my personal car?

Whether your business in Centennial, Highlands Ranch or Englewood, Colorado is fully established or if you’re just starting out, commercial coverage for your business and its property is something you can’t do without. This is especially true if your business uses one or more vehicles. As with your personal auto insurance policy, a commercial policy provides similar types of coverage such as liability, collision and uninsured motorist coverage, for example. However, the similarities largely end here.

Most commercial auto insurance policies feature higher liability limits than most personal policies. The types of coverage offered are also more specialized. For instance, you can opt for trailer interchange insurance coverage if your company uses non-owned trailers under a trailer interchange agreement. With non-owned vehicle coverage, your employees are covered while driving vehicles not owned by your company.

The ownership status of the vehicles in question as well as how they’re used will determine whether or not they require commercial coverage. For example, if your vehicles are used for a livery service or if they are registered or titled to a business, corporation or a DBA (Doing Business As), then you may need commercial car insurance. Trucks and other utility vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating exceeding 10,000 pounds may need commercial coverage.

If you use your personal car for business use, your personal auto insurance policy may provide some protection. Keep in mind that this protection has its limitations. If you’re involved in an accident and the other driver sues you and your business, your personal auto policy will likely shield you from the financial repercussions. However, your personal policy won’t defend your business or cover damages on its behalf.

It’s important that you contact us to speak to an independent agent if you have any questions or concerns about commercial auto insurance. As your agent, we can help guide you towards the right solution for your insurance needs.

Which one is better if I am not using my boat for next three months in Centennial, CO suspending or cancelling my policy?

Every year boat owners pull their crafts from the water with the intent of getting them ready for winter. Each boat owner will perform maintenance with the intent of storing the boat until it is time to use it next season. Some people will even wonder what do the need to do with their insurance policy. Here are some things that you need to know before canceling your policy or suspending the coverage benefits.

What You Need to Know About Canceling and Suspending Your Boat Policy

· If you live in Centennial, Colorado and own a boat and cancel your coverage, then you will no longer have any physical damaged protection. Even though your boat is in storage you will want to have it covered for storm related damages.

· One way to keep your physical damage benefits is to suspend your liability limits until you are ready to use it again. If you are not using your watercraft, then there is no reason to pay for liability limits.

· All you have to do to suspend liability is make the request with your agent and he will make the change to your policy.

· By suspending your liability part of the policy you can actually save money on your premium.

If you live in Highlands Ranch or Englewood, Colorado and own a boat, then you will want to contact your independent agent today. As your agent we will take the time to review your boat policy and make any changes to it that you need. Call us today and let us get your boat insurance the way that you need it for the season.