Is Castlewood, CO car insurance transferable?

There are times when you will want to transfer your current car insurance policy to another car, but that does not mean it is always an easy task. Generally, Castlewood CO car insurance can be transferred, but you will need to provide some information before your insurer will make the requested changes.

Determine the Reason for Changing the Policy

When you want to make changes to your policy and transfer the coverage, you will need to provide appropriate documentation that proves the reason for the change. You can transfer your insurance when you buy a new car, move to a new address or change your name.

The situation that results in making the change can vary, but you will usually need to provide appropriate proof of the reason before the transfer will go through. Generally, buying a new car and trading in an old vehicle is a common reason to transfer the policy.

Contact the Insurer

After gathering the appropriate documentation and details, contact your insurance provider or an agent to discuss the transfer. The representative of the company or the agent will request that you provide the appropriate documents. You may be able to fax in the details or send a copy through the mail.

Transfers will usually take place after the documentation is received, but you should expect some processing time if you are going through an agent or if you send a copy of the paperwork through the mail. Processing times can vary based on the company and the reason for the change.

Making changes to your auto insurance is not always easy, especially when you want to transfer the policy into a new name or use the same plan for a new car. To learn more about the process, contact us to talk to an agent today.