Colorado Auto Insurance Company

As a person living in Colorado, you are legally required to maintain a specific level of auto insurance. While the minimum auto requirement will allow you to get out on the road, it definitely won’t protect you as fully as you would probably prefer. For this reason (and several others) it is important that you choose an auto insurance agency experienced with the auto insurance laws specific to your area of Colorado.

Minimum Colorado Auto Insurance Requirements

Colorado law states that you must maintain the following auto insurance coverage:

Bodily Injury Liability: This coverage is standard liability coverage that will be in effect if you are responsible for an auto accident that causes injury or death of another person or persons. The legal requirement for this type of insurance is fairly low: $25,000 for a one person accident, $50,000 for an accident that involves two or more people. Your auto insurance agency may recommend a higher level of coverage, however. It is important to consider the cost of an accident in your area and plan your insurance coverage accordingly. If your liability coverage is inadequate, you could be responsible for paying the remainder of the bills from an accident, so getting enough coverage is important.

Property Damage Liability: This coverage is liability property insurance that takes effect when you cause damage to another person’s vehicle. It may also apply to other property that you damage while behind the wheel of your vehicle. The law requires $15,000 in Property Damage Liability. Discuss whether this is adequate with your agent, keeping in mind that you always want to err on the side of too much insurance rather than too little.

Optional Insurance Types

You will want to protect yourself as fully as possible while on the road, and this will mean obtaining uninsured motorist coverage (in case an uninsured person hurts you or damages your car,) collision coverage (protects your car in wrecks you’re responsible for,) and comprehensive coverage (in case of theft or other non-road accidents.)

The law requires that everyone have at least the state minimum auto insurance coverage. However, you can also easily work with your Compass Insurance Group agent to work out additional coverage that will provide even more protection for those times when disaster strikes!