Does my Homeowners Insurance Cover Personal Injuries?

You have family and friends coming to visit you at your new home in Castlewood, CO 80112. You’re excited and can’t wait to show them around Castlewood Canyon State Park and enjoy a nice picnic lunch, then do some shopping and finish the day off with a great meal at Duke's Steakhouse.

The purpose of homeowner’s insurance varies and one of the major reasons people have it, is to protect themselves in the event, someone is injured while on their property and file a personal injury claim.

Homeowner’s Insurance covers all sorts of injuries, the three listed below are the most common type of injuries that people sustain:

  • Falls
  • Faulty steps or poor lighting
  • Dog bites

Premises Liability

A crucial type of coverage that is provided by your homeowners insurance is for injuries that happen on your property. A guest can be injured by falling on a slippery surface such as a wet floor or an icy or snow covered driveway, by tripping over a toy, falling down the stairs, or from a faulty deck that collapses. In all actually, a person can be injured by just about anything in your home or on your property.

Invited guests are not the only people who can sue you if they get hurt on your property. Mail carriers, cable installers, meter readers, and UPS/FedEx delivery people, basically anyone on your property who is providing a service (licensees) have been granted indirect consent.

A homeowner is required to warn guests about faulty stairs, or anything that could potentially be a hazard to someone. A simple way to do this and this is more specifically for guests who drop by without calling and service providers is to put a warning signing before the faulty stairs or whatever/wherever the hazard may be. For example, if you have a large beehive in your mailbox, putting a warning note “Caution: Beehive in Mailbox” for the mail carrier could save you a lawsuit and the mail carrier a lot of pain.

If your dog bites someone or your cat claws someone the guests can file a claim against the homeowner. This type of injury is usually a severe liability case, which means the guest, did not have to provoke the dog or cat nor do they have to prove neglect by the homeowner. The simple fact that the animal attack occurred is satisfactory, and homeowners are usually covered by their homeowner’s insurance policy.

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