Keep Your Dog Safe In The Summer Heat

Throughout Centennial, Colorado, it can get very hot during the summers. You want to keep your dog safe, and there are various ways to ensure this happens. Your dog will thank you when you look out for him.

Hydration is critical during the summer heat. You want to make sure that your dog has access to water inside and outside. If you feed your dog only dry food, mix in some wet food from time to time as this contains approximately 70% water. It’s a great way to help with water intake when it’s hot outside. Any time that you go outside, you also want to make sure that you are bringing water for your dog to drink.

Try to avoid going outside during the hottest parts of the day. When you do go out, be sure to take breaks in the shade.

If your dog does start to get overheated, know the signs. This includes high temperature, dry gums, and excessive panting. The easiest way to cool your dog off is to use a wet towel and lying it across your dog. You can also wet their feet and give them plenty of cool water to drink.

Another way to keep your dog safe in the heat is to protect the paws. There are various pads and booties that can be used.

Remember that summertime isn’t just about the heat. You want to keep your dog safe by providing protection against heartworm as well as fleas and ticks. Heartworm is transmitted via mosquito bites, and you can talk to your veterinarian about getting prevention medication.

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Educate Your Teen Driver In Centennial

When your teen is driving in Centennial, it is important that you educate him or her completely. You cannot depend solely on driver’s education courses. Teenagers are in the highest demographic for being involved in car crashes, and this is true all over the country.

There are many things that you will want to educate your teenager on when driving. First, there are various habits that need to be formed so that once they begin driving solo, they know what needs to be done. This includes such things as making safety belts mandatory, understanding how to protect against drowsy driving, and making sure that there are no distractions, such as text messaging or even having teenage passengers in the car.

It is important to educate your teens by being a good role model. When you set a better driving example, they are more likely to learn from you. This means that when you drive, you want to do so with your safety belt on, and always practice defensive driving. You don’t want to speed or run red lights because this is dangerous behavior – and you don’t want your teens picking up bad habits.

It is also a good idea to give your teen driver plenty of practice on the road in a variety of different weather conditions, including snow and rain. You want to make sure that they have plenty of practice driving in the different road conditions, such as where there is construction as well as high-volume traffic.

Expose teens to as many driving scenarios as possible so that they gain more confidence on the road.

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