Buying a Car as a Present – Include Insurance

Your teenager will be astonished! OK, here is the story. They wake up and it seems like a normal day, but actually it is their birthday. You ask them to go outside to get the newspaper from the driveway. Get the video cameras ready to capture the moment, of the half-sleepy stumbling teenager when they see their first car for the first time.

This moment is priceless. You just gave your child, who now becomes an adult, a car. OMG! This is so great. Please do not stop there. Make sure you also get them auto insurance coverage, because they are likely to have an accident when they first learn how to drive.

Some of us have accidents later in life. For the average American over a full lifetime of driving we will have three to four accidents. Some of the accidents will be the fault of other. Some of the accidents will just happen, but they will happen. The National Highway Safety Traffic Administration (NHSTA) noted that in 2014, there were about 2.3 million traffic accidents and 32,975 people died from auto accidents in America during that year.

Check with Compass. Give the happiest gift ever to your teenagers of a new (or previous-owned car) but also to make sure they have adequate auto insurance coverage. Talk to them about safer driving and how to stay calm in traffic.

Encourage them to take a defensive driving course. Promise them an annual bonus of a few hundred dollars, when they go a full year without an accident. This effort does not have to be a torment, instead it can be an expression of love for your child as they grow up to become an adult.

The kind people of Compass Insurance Agency are ready to help. Just contact them today and put your teenager in a new car with proper auto insurance.