What To Do When You Come Across A Car Accident

You never know when you are going to come across a car accident. The people inside of the car or cars can be injured. There are various ways to help them and others until help is able to arrive on the scene.

Pull Over

Before you can help the people within the car accident, you want to make sure that your car is out of the way. Pull over to the side of the road and use your hazard lights. Put yourself at enough distance that you aren’t in danger of leaking fuel, flames, or broken glass.

Call 911

Call 911, even before you have left your car. Never make the assumption that someone else has called. Let the operator know all of the important details, including location and number of cars involved.

Check on Victims

Check on the victims to see if they are okay. If you can provide assistance, do so. You never want to move an injured person because the injury could be worsened.

Stabilize the Cars

If possible, stabilize the cars by placing them in park and turning the ignition off. This can reduce the risk of fire and other issues.

Be Ready with a Statement

When help arrives, the police are likely going to want to collect a statement from you. They want the relevant facts as data how the accident was caused. Be sure you are honest and factual with every detail that you provide. Your contact information may also be requested should the police need to follow up or for a lawyer or insurance company to contact you later on.

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