3 Things to Remember Next Time You Watch Someone’s Home

Staying at a friend or relative’s home while they are away is usually pretty great for both parties. They get to enjoy added peace of mind that things are going well in their absence, and you get to break from your routine a bit. Here are three things to remember next time you watch someone else’s home.

Treat the Place with Respect

When house sitting, it is really important that you treat the place with respect—almost as if it were your own. Don’t invite guests over unless the homeowner has fully expressed that doing so is okay. Keep things as tidy as possible and be sure to fulfill any expectations they have for you in their absence. Also, don’t go rifling through drawers, peeking into closets, or digging through the medicine cabinet. (Doing so is just considered rude on the part of the house sitter.)

Have a Plan in Place in Case of Emergency

It is always a good idea to have a plan in place in case an emergency arises while you are house sitting. Know where any utility valve shutoffs are located and how to find the breaker box. You will also want to have the name and telephone number of a close neighbor. If there are pets staying with you at the home, have the information for a preferred veterinarian or animal clinic handy.

Enjoy the Process

While house sitting for someone else often takes a bit more work than living in your own space, the process can be immensely enjoyable. In fact, you can even think of it as a little bit of a mini-vacation—a chance to step out of your everyday routine and enjoy a bit of different scenery for a few days.

If you’re the one leaving town, it is also important to remember to have proper homeowner’s insurance coverage. Please contact our team at Compass Insurance to schedule a no-obligation review of your current policy.