Best Ways to Boost Your Fuel Economy

The best ways to boost your fuel economy are also the best ways to maintain a healthy vehicle. There are dozens of available options to improve your fuel economy, but at Compass Insurance, we see the importance of not only saving money at the pump, but extending the life of your vehicle as well. So, whether you live in Centenial, CO or anywhere else in the region, be sure to use these fuel saving methods. 

Oil and Oil Filter Change

Stick to the designated change-by date placed on your window sticker. Whether you change your own oil or you take it in, try to have the oil changed every 5,000 miles. While having the oil changed, make sure a new oil filter is installed as well. Some discount oil change locations don’t install a new filter, which can result in damaging particles sticking to the interior of your engine. 

Air Filter

This is another item you can have the oil change crew replace, or you can do it yourself (even if you’ve never done it before it can take less than a minute to do). A new air filter improves the quality of air moving into the engine, which allows for a cleaner, longer lasting engine while also boosting the burn. This boosts fuel economy. 

New Spark Plug

This isn’t something you need to have changed once a year, but every few years take your vehicle in for a tune up. Your garage will replace damaged wiring, they may flush fluids and they will install a new spark plug. This helps improve the flame created when accelerating, which in turn allows for more efficient acceleration. All of this allows you to boost your fuel economy and save money by filling up at the gas station less. 

3 Ways to Give Back in the New Year for a Local Focus in Castlewood, CO

At Compass Insurance, there is a strong believe present in our team to give back and help support the community. There are many ways to do this, but every person and business needs to find the way that works for their specific needs. In Castlewood, Colorado, there are numerous steps you can take that may not seem like much to you, but can be some of the most important decisions you make for those around you. Here are a few recommendations to take into consideration.

Just One Day Ltd. For those who want to give volunteer time or even financial support, consider Just One Day Ltd. This organization helps disabled veterans with the support they need in a variety of ways. It is one of the best local charities to help local vets no matter their age or their needs.

Erica Raes Kids Inc. Another local organization to talk to is Erica Raes Kids Inc. This nonprofit organization helps to provide kindness and support to underprivileged kids in the area. It is an excellent group for those who want to help families locally to get the support they need.

Parker Task Force and Food Bank. Yet another organization that you can get involved with is Parker Task Force and Food Bank. The organization accepts donations of nonperishable food, local store gift certificates and monetary contributions. It uses these to help provide food to locals in need.

Which of these organizations can you get behind and support this year? We’re here to help you.

Compass Insurance is here to meet all of your insurance needs. Let our insurers help you to keep your family’s needs met this year and for many more to come.