Protecting Your Home with Home Insurance

Your home is more than a house. It is a place where you and your family rests. It’s a place that protects you from the natural elements. Subconsciously, you know what your home means to you, which is why you dedicate your weekends to ensuring that you conquer your next project to make it beautiful. However, your home requires more than cosmetic adjustments; you need home insurance to ensure you have complete protection.

Home Insurance Reduces Stress

When you have the financial backing of an insurance company, you know that your home is protected. Regardless of the covered perils your home may face, you have the peace of mind knowing you have home insurance. Home insurance can protect you from the following:

  • Weather-related damage
  • Floods from damaged water pipes
  • Accidents

By speaking with an insurance professional, you can choose the best home insurance policy that meets your needs.

Home Insurance Is Cost-Effective

Another benefit of having home insurance is the fact that it is cost-effective. You have the option of ensuring your home for its replacement costs, and you can pay for that insurance monthly. With a monthly payment, you don’t have to worry about tapping into your savings.

Additionally, for a fraction of the coverage, you get a lot of insurance coverage. Your home insurance policy is a fraction of the action cost of repairing or replacing your home. Even with the deductible, you do not have to pay a significant part of the costs associated with rebuilding your home. Instead, your insurance provider covers most of the cost associated with rebuilding.  

At Compass Insurance, we want to help you protect your family with our home insurance. Whether you are researching insurance cost or you need a new policy in Colorado, we are here help.

Household Items that Can Be Recycled

You may not realize it but there is more waste being pumped into the landfills than ever before and we are quickly running out of places to store garbage. The solution, recycling. There are more items that can be recycled in your home than you might have ever imagined. Plastic bottles, aluminum cans, newspaper and more can all be turned in to be recycled but what about other household items?

One item that can be recycled that many people forget are personal computers and other electronic devices. These are perfect for recycling and many facilities have special machines and equipment to help process these items. Parts can be ground down and repurposed, other parts can be used on refurbished items, and still other parts of the items can be reused and recycled to help take up less room in the landfill.

Another item in your home that can be recycled are of course cardboard boxes and other cardboard products. In this process the cardboard is cleaned and smashed into a pulp to be made into new boxes and new cardboard products. This is a great process that helps to reduce the amount of waste in landfills and helps to save our planet. Cardboard can often be sent out with paper recyclables.

Still another item in your home that can be recycled is yard waste. Though this is not something you send off, a compost heap is perfect for fertilizing gardens, aerating soil, and making your dirt and land much richer as the yard trimmings break down and are turned back into rich topsoil. Colling Insurance Services Inc. hope that you can find plenty to recycle in your home to help make the world a better place that is cleaner for future generations to come.