How To Keep Your Motorcycle Up And Running

Riding your motorcycle in Centennial, CO can be a lot of fun. However, to make sure that you keep it up and running, there are some maintenance guides to follow. This will allow you to get a longer life out of your bike.

Read the Manual

The manual for your motorcycle is going to provide you with recommendations on service. Follow this in terms of oil changes, oil types, and the various services that you will need. The factory engineers know what they’re talking about, and can provide a significant amount of advice.

Keep an Eye on Drivetrain

Your drive train is responsible for everything that your engine and transmission doesn’t cover. Keep an eye on the stretch of the train, the wear of the sprocket, and any kind of belt cracking so that it stays in good condition for a longer period of time.

Go Through a Pre-Ride Checklist

Each and every time you get on your bike, go through a pre-ride checklist. This will allow you to check for leaks, low tire pressure, and more. In the event that you don’t run through a checklist is when there are going to be problems, and repairs can be very expensive. Most of the repairs can be avoided by discovering problems early on.

Ultimately, you want to ride your motorcycle the right way. If you’re new to owning a bike, take a course. Then read through some various blogs that will talk to you about proper maintenance. This will help you to be more educated about the bike you own so you can be a responsible owner and rider.

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Why Your Colorado Liability Insurance May Not be Enough

So you thought that skimping on auto insurance was a smart move? Well, you are not alone. Many think they can do this.

Times are tough financially and you probably needed to save money. However, when the unthinkable happens, and you suffer an accident, you may well find that standard Colorado liability insurance is not enough. However, it will then be too late to do anything about it. Contact Compass Insurance today.

Remember those savings you had? Well, they and perhaps everything else you own will go to paying lawyers and court fees. Avoid this fate, if possible, by investing in adequate Centennial, CO auto insurance.

Liability Insurance

Liability auto insurance covers drivers when they do damage to themselves or others. The high-speed roads of Colorado are places where accidents happen with alarming frequency. For this reason, the government has set minimum standards of coverage that each driver must have. Any driver who fails to comply with the requirements finds themselves in trouble with the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies, Division of Insurance.

General liability policies must include:

  1. Insurance for bodily injury done per person.

  2. Insurance for bodily injury per accident.

  3. Insurance for property damage

Always remember that since these policies are mandatory, the coverage often extends only to basic damage caused in an accident. Therefore, extra coverage, beyond required liability insurance, is always recommended. For example, many savvy Centennial, CO consumers get umbrella insurance that takes care of expenses in excess of that covered in their general liability policies.

Lawsuits are extremely common these days. Few households can withstand the costs of being sued without such added protection. Having to pay for court costs, repair bills and legal fees can place you in serious financial trouble. Get extended coverage today.

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