What you can do to prevent house fires

The National Fire Protection Association notes that in 2015 365,500 house fires in the United States occurred, resulting in 2,650 deaths and 11,075 injuries. The good news is that the numbers of such fires are roughly half of those in the late 1970s. However, every homeowner should be able to take some simple steps to help prevent house fires or, if they happen, to mitigate their effects.

US News reports that the number one cause of house fires is the stove. An unattended pot or pan cooking food can start a fire that can quickly get out of control. The simple solution is to pay attention to what you are cooking at all times.

Space heaters can also be a source of house fires. You need to make sure that enough distance has been created between space heaters and anything that they might ignite.

Frayed electrical cords can also cause a spark that can start a fire. Check up on electrical cords periodically and either replace them or repair them with electrical tape.

Smoking is not good for you from a health perspective. Smoking in bed can be deadly if you nod off, and the cigarette ignites your blanket.

Candles, while always a romantic enhancement to any room, are a fire hazard because of the open flame. Consider using a battery-powered alternative and, in any case, do not leave them unattended.

The Red Cross recommends that your family devise and rehearse an escape plan to get out inside two minutes in the event of a fire.  You should have smoke detectors, one on each floor, and ideally, one in each room, and a fire extinguisher in or near the kitchen.

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