What Does A Basic Homeowner’s Insurance Policy Cover In Colorado?

If you are like most homeowners, your house is your most expensive asset. It is also where you live and you keep all of your personal belongings. Because of this, you should make sure that your home is protected if some type of tragedy were to occur. The best protection you can have is a homeowners insurance policy. There are several ways insurance can protect you and your home.

Structural Damage

Homeowners insurance will cover any structural damage caused by fire, a hurricane, hail, lightening, vandalism, and other disasters. There are some things that are not covered under a standard policy. These include flood, earthquake, and routine wear and tear. Some policies also cover detached structures, such as a garage, sheds, and other structures on your property. Without a homeowners insurance policy, you would need to pay to repair or rebuild your home out of your own pocket. If you are like most homeowners, you don’t have that kind of money lying around.

Personal Belongings

If your personal belongings were stolen or were damaged during a covered disaster, your homeowners policy would cover the belongings that were in the home. This includes furniture, electronics, appliances, and clothing. Expensive items such as jewelry should have its own insurance policy.

Liability Insurance

If someone is injured on your property, your liability would cover the bodily injury, protecting you from an expensive lawsuit. Most policies will also cover things that happen off the property. For example, if your child throws a ball through the neighbor’s window, your liability insurance will cover it. Lawsuits can be expensive and this type of coverage provides a great deal of protection.

Additional Living Expense

If your home is damaged or destroyed during a covered disaster and you cannot live there during the repairs, most homeowners insurance policies will pay for your living expenses while the home is under construction.

For more information on homeowners insurance in Centennial, CO, you should contact a licensed insurance provider. They can help you purchase the policy to meet your individual needs.