How home insurance can make the difference for Centennial, CO homeowners

If there is one thing that an experienced homeowner can tell you, it’s this: do not, NOT, go without a quality and comprehensive home insurance plan. For most people, that would be a super common sense thing to say, right? Of course you should have home insurance, why wouldn’t you? Well, for as good as it may sound on paper, in practice, it is all too easy for homeowners – Centennial, CO homeowners or otherwise – to skimp on it, thinking that such a decision could prove to be a great cost-cutting initiative. Well, unfortunately for them, it often does not work out that way.

It is understandable why people think to skimp on coverage – earnings are stagnating and costs are rising, leading people to try whatever they can to be able to make the bare minimum just to stay afloat. And while it is unfortunate that these people have to go through such struggles, it is just as unfortunate what will inevitably happen to someone who does not insure their home. For as hard up as they may feel now, they are only going to feel worse when they have to pay out of pocket for something that, with home insurance, they could have instead been properly covered.

A lot of homeowners who are uninsured have that mindset – "I don’t need this, what are the odds that I would?" – and for as true as that may seem, everyone says that – including the people who ultimately do need it. Centennial, CO residents shouldn’t take that gamble. When you’re ready to get insured, contact Compass Insurance online, and we will work with you to get you the best insurance plan that matches both your budget and  your needs.

Five Ways to Prepare For Winter Driving in Centennial Colorado

Mother Nature throws all sorts of challenges at Colorado drivers in winter. While there isn’t much anyone can do about the weather, there are a number of things drivers in Centennial, CO can do to prepare.

First, install beam blade windshield wipers. Beam blades don’t have the metal framework on the outside like traditional wipers. The support is inside the blade itself. This design allows it to flex and make better contact with the windshield. It also keeps most of the moving parts protected. They don’t get clogged with snow and ice which hinders their performance.

Second, switch to snow tires. All season radials are great, but Centennial, CO winters come with lots of snow. It will cost more up front, but the snow tires will last many years as they’re only on the vehicle part time. They’ll also extend the life of your all-season tires which will now be off the car for several months a year.

Third, test your battery. Cold temperatures slow the chemical reaction inside the battery. A good battery can usually function under extreme conditions, but frigid temps will render a sub-par battery useless.

Next, fill up with winter windshield washer fluid. Deicer fluid has additives which keeps it from freezing on even the coldest days. Spritz the windows a few times and work it into the hoses. This way, they’ll be protected and won’t deny you a squirt when you need it most.

Lastly, review your auto insurance policy. Call your agent at Compass Insurance. Make sure you have the right coverage if disaster strikes.

So keep warm, drive safe, remember these five tips, and call Compass Insurance at the start of every winter season.