Auto Insurance for Teen Drivers: How to Teach Your Child About Insurance

You know that your teen driver needs to have auto insurance. And, you probably have talked to your agent at Compass Insurance to make sure he or she is listed on your policy (hopefully before that first outing in the vehicle). Have you taught your child about insurance and how to use it? This can be just as important.

What Your Teen Driver Needs to Know About Insurance

Teen drivers need quality insurance coverage in place to minimize the risk of loss. Talk to your teen about their specific needs. For example, your teen should understand how to call an agent and when to call after an accident. He or she should understand how to maintain an auto insurance policy including what deductibles, premiums, and policy terms are. And, when involved in an accident or a moving violation, your teen needs to know how to present his or her insurance card and what information to gather from another driver.

In addition to this, talk to your teen about how to be a safe driver. The more reliable and safe your teen is, the less likely his or her rates will go up over time. In many ways, the agents at Compass Insurance can help to keep your child’s policy competitively priced, but an accident or too many moving violations can be costly.

Getting Your Teen Insured Is a Priority

If your teen is heading out onto the road and you want to be sure they are financially protected, contact our experienced and trusted agents at Compass Insurance. Let us help you to get into the right policy for your needs. We serve residents in and around Centennial, CO and are happy to help you as well.