Protect Your Vehicle With These Upgrades

Outside of your home, your vehicle is one of the largest investments you’ll make. With your vehicle, regular oil changes, maintenance and car washes can help extend the life of the vehicle, but these services do not protect it (outside of avoiding early rusting). Here at Compass Insurance, we want to help protect your vehicle, whether you live in Centennial, CO or somewhere else. So here are a handful of upgrades you can protect your vehicle with.

Wheel Locks

If you have any kind of rims on your vehicle, you need to protect the auto upgrade. Rims are easily stolen and quickly sold, so if your rims are ever ripped off you’re likely to never track the wheels down. With wheel locks it becomes extremely difficult to remove the rims without damaging the wheels, rending the wheels worthless to those looking for quick cash. 

Bumper and Brush Guard

Your vehicle’s bumpers are now designed not necessarily to sustain a direct impact but to keep those inside the vehicle safe. While everyone inside the vehicle is safe, the front of your vehicle may sustain heavy damage. With a bumper and brush guard, you can protect your headlights and bumper from fender benders. This way, you can increase the value of your vehicle with the upgrade while limiting possible damage. 

When it comes to protecting your vehicle, these are some of the very best upgrade options available. whether you have the upgrades factory installed, do it yourself or go into an auto garage, each of these upgrades will reduce the chance of theft and cut down on your vehicle damage in the event of an accident. If you have other questions regarding auto insurance, make sure to contact Compass Insurance as we can help you out, whether you live in Centennial, CO or in a neighboring community. 

How Snowboarding Insurance Works

Going on a snowboarding trip? Want to hit the slopes without a care in the world, but part of you is worried about what might happen if you are injured? Snowboarding insurance may be the best option for you. At Compass Insurance, we are here to help assist you and your insurance needs, regardless of if you are in Centennial, CO or another location all together. 

What is Snowboarding Insurance?

Snowboarding insurance is similar to that of standard vacation insurance. It provides coverage for any kind of flight cancelations, it covers the cost of lost baggage and also medical expenses that might come up from this kind of an activity. However, snowboarding insurance goes further and provides additional coverage for more specific activities you’ll engage in. 

Added Benefits of Snowboarding Insurance

Snowboarding insurance provides added medical coverage. It can also provide coverage should you find yourself at the slope but the slope is closed, or if you need any kind of emergency rescue in the vent of problems with the snow. Essentially, it takes regular vacation insurance to the next level and provides you with the kind of protection you’d need when engaging in an activity that brings about more possible dangers. It is always important to properly protect yourself and your trip whenever you go on an outdoor vacation or activity with potential danger. 

When it comes to seeking adventure thrills in the great outdoors, it is always best to protect yourself. With the aid of snowboarding insurance, you’ll know you are protected while having a great time. We at Compass Insurance want to do everything in our power to protect you, whether you are in Centennial, CO or not. So if you have any insurance questions or concerns, make sure to contact us today.