Some of the Businesses That Require Commercial Insurance Provisions for Animals

At our agency, Compass Insurance located in the beautiful city of Centennial, CO we are strengthened by the fact that our insurance products en-"compass" all facets of your insurance needs. Some particular businesses require provisions for animals. Here’s a short list: 


Veterinarians have a great need to include provisions for animals on their commercial policy. The actual health and welfare of the animals in their care would be covered differently as Vet Dr’s have to have malpractice insurance much like a Dr. for humans would possess. Commercial policy aspects would include coverage for the furry ones when they were housed at the facility waiting for pick up, drop off or simply visit the office.   


If you’re in business to board animals your commercial policy would include provisions for many things that may occur to an animal housed at your facility. In the case of a natural disaster such as a flood or other weather related calamity, you would want to ensure you have protection to cover your liability if an animal is hurt.


Owners of entertainment entities that feature animals as performers or on display have special insurance needs. It is imperative to cover all bases with a commercial insurance policy and a qualified agent is trained to venture deeply into the "what-if’s". With performance animals, their owners have many areas of vulnerability. One added provision would have to protect against mechanical failure or malfunction of any props or sets that are used during the performance.  

Whether you need special animal provisions on your commercial policy or animals are strictly prohibited on business premises, come visit Compass Insurance. Serving the Centennial, CO area and the areas nearby, we would love to serve all of your insurance needs. 

Other than my house, What else can basic home insurance cover?

Depending on your specific policy, you home insurance may be able to cover additional items aside from damage to the structure of your home. If disasters occur, you will obviously have more than just structural damage to worry about. For those in Centennial, CO, Compass Insurance can have you covered.

Ordinance Upgrades

If your home is damaged and needs to be rebuilt, the home insurance policy will have to make upgrades that are mandated by city or state ordinances. If the local government requires your home to have outdoor lights, the policy will have to cover this new addition.


Certain accidents that occur on your property can have claims with your home insurance. If somebody is injured on your property, their medical bills can be covered by your home insurance policy.

Liability Coverage

Home insurance will typically cover certain liabilities that are associated with owning a home. This may also include covering injuries in the event that your dog bites somebody else.

Spoiled Food

As unusual as it may sound, your rotten food may be covered if it was ruined by a power outage. Many insurance policies will cover up to $500 worth of food in your fridge in the event of a major outage.

Loss Of Use

If your home is wrecked by a natural disaster and you are forced to live in a hotel, the insurance policy will cover your bills. The living expenses, including hotels and restaurants, will be covered until you and your family are back on your feet.

There are still many other things home insurance may cover depending on your specific policy and local laws. To find out which home insurance plan in Centennial, CO is right for you, you may consult with Compass Insurance.