The Role of Auto Insurance in Collision Repair

When a collision occurs in Centennial, CO, your auto insurance will kick in to pay for the other person’s car or property damage. You may notice that has nothing to do with repairing your vehicle.

How auto insurance deals with a collision can vary based on several factors. At Compass Insurance, we feel it’s important you understand how auto insurance works when it comes to collisions.

What is a Collision? What Isn’t a Collision?

For the purposes of insurance, a collision occurs when your moving vehicle hits another car, or anything else. Sometimes, a car that rolls can fall under the collision category as well. If something other than another car causes damage to your vehicle, it’s not a collision.

Does Auto Insurance Pay for Collision Repairs?

Your insurance won’t pay for damage to your vehicle unless you have collision coverage specifically. Do you have collision coverage? It’s not an insurance requirement in Colorado. That means there are many drivers out there who may incorrectly think their insurance will cover repairs to their vehicles.

Always remember basic insurance covers the other driver and their property so you don’t have to with your own money. Anything beyond that will typically require additional coverage such as collision and comprehensive. If you don’t yet own your car, then it’s possible the bank or lender requires you to have collision coverage. This also applies to leasing a vehicle.

What Happens if You Don’t Have Collision Coverage?

In a best-case scenario, the other driver can hold all or most of the blame. In such a case, their insurance will pay for repairs to your vehicle. That only applies to collisions with another insured driver. In all other cases, you will have to see to your own repairs if you don’t have collision coverage.

At Compass Insurance, we offer collision coverage in and around Centennial, CO. We also offer various other options that can protect you and your property. Help us to help you figure out just how much collision coverage you need. Don’t leave your vehicle unprotected. Contact us today for a quote.