3 Odd or Unusual Auto Insurance Facts

Most people find auto insurance a complete mystery. There are basic facts of course, but who can really name all of the clauses listed in their policy? The reason why insurance can be so complicated is that it is so complicated. However, it can also be somewhat fun to learn about too. Compass Insurance wants the people of Centennial, CO to know these odd or unusual facts about insurance. 

New Hampshire Doesn’t Require Auto Insurance 

That’s right. If you were to move to the great state of New Hampshire, you technically don’t have to get auto insurance. As you might imagine, there are few people who take advantage of this rule though. Because in the end, drivers are still responsible for themselves and for other drivers if they happen to make a mistake on the road. Most people know that they won’t be able to cover an accident out of pocket, or at the very least they wouldn’t want to. 

Windshields Are Normally Covered 

It depends on the type of policy you have, but unless you have liability only, windshields are usually covered under your insurance. The reason why you likely haven’t approached your insurance company if you had a spider web across your windshield is that most people have deductibles that are higher than the cost of the repairs. 

Insurance Isn’t the Same Wherever You Go 

No matter how much it may seem like all companies are the same, some simply are better than others. Compass Insurance serves the people of Centennial, CO, and we know just how to meet their needs so they stay safe whenever they get in their cars. Give us a call today if you’re looking for auto insurance coverage that’s just right for you.