Livery Drivers Consider Your Commercial Insurance Needs

With the advent of so many new competitors in the livery market, it is important to make certain that you are protected in the event a point of liability occurs. At Compass Insurance located in Centennial, CO we place you in the right location to satisfy all of your insurance needs – right here with us.

At times prospective delivery drivers are so eager to hit the road and make the money they need to live their lives that they do not properly consider the liability they may encounter on that open road. That is the job of a good insurance agent. Your job is to trust them to steer you in the right direction.

Companies that sponsor delivery drivers may thrust a contract at you and have you sign before you are out on the road making money for them and for yourself. Wait – put the brakes on. Chances are your personal automobile policy does not cover all points of liability when you are driving for commercial sake – i.e as your business. 

We have just the package to fit your entire lifestyle. At Compass Insurance we specialize in auto, homeowners and commercial insurance. In addition because we are also residents of the gorgeous state of Colorado we offer "other" insurance. Come in to our offices in Centennial, CO where we can discuss your "other" baby – you know  – your outdoor buddy – your boat, your ATV your RV. Compass Insurance is the right direction, (pun intended) for wherever you are going to. 

Protecting Your Boat During the Winter

Your boat has given you lots of fun in the sun during the summer, so take good care of it all throughout the winter months. Here are some important action items to follow as you focus on protecting your boat during the winter.

Cover It Up

It seems so simple, but placing a quality cover over your boat makes a world of difference in protecting your boat investment. The cover will protect the interior and exterior of the boat and will also protect from bad weather damage throughout the winter.

Drain All Water

Water can cause a great deal of damage that can affect your investment in your boat. To avoid that, make sure you drain all water from the boat. That includes taking out the plug from the drain. Also check on your boat throughout the winter to make sure no additional water has entered the boat.

Keep It Away From Trees

Be cautious about where you park your boat during the winter. Whatever you do, do not park it under any trees or near any objects that could fall on it. Remember that harsh winter weather, such as strong wind and ice, can cause branches and trees to fall.

Protect From Thieves

While you are not using your boat or watching it quite as closely during the winter, make sure you take precautions to protect it from theft. Place it in a safe place. Also, thoroughly covering it will likely help with preventing theft.

These tips are straightforward and do not require much effort, but they will make a difference in your boat faring well during the winter. And when you take these simple steps, your boat will be ready for another fun season in the spring. If you have questions about insurance, contact Compass Insurance serving Centennial, CO for more information and details.