What is Snowboard Insurance?

Snowboard insurance is one of the newest types of insurances offered today. Here at Compass Insurance, serving the greater Centennial, CO area, we know that most of our customers are not yet familiar with this type of insurance and may not understand what it is or what it cover against. If you are a snowboarder, here is some information you should know about snowboarding insurance. 

What is Snowboard Insurance?

Snowboard insurance is actually a travel insurance policy that protects you while you are on a snowboarding trip.

How Does Snowboard Insurance Cover You?

Snowboard insurance covers you in many different ways. If your trip has to be canceled due to illness or injury, snowboard insurance coverage helps you get your money back. If your flight is delayed due to weather conditions and you end up needing to get a hotel or incur hotel cancellation fees, your snowboard trip insurance covers you. If your snowboard equipment is damaged or stolen while traveling, snowboard insurance covers you. And if you are injured while on a snowboarding trip, snowboard insurance helps to transport you back home and provides you with out-of-state or out of country medical coverage that is needed right away. 

How is Snowboard Insurance Different Than Travel Insurance?

While many of the components are the same between the two types of insurance, the biggest differences have to do with covering your snowboarding equipment and offering you more medical coverage. A snowboard insurance policy offers you a higher insurance policy, as snowboarding injuries can be costly, compared to most standard travel insurance policies that are sold. 

If you are ready to purchase snowboarding insurance, Compass Insurance, serving the greater Centennial, CO area, sells this type of insurance. Call us today or swing by our office to obtain an estimate. 

Auto Insurance Centennial CO: What You Must Know

Insurance companies support the US economy by pumping millions of dollars into the economy annually. Most of the money goes into advertising as competition for clients stiffens. Most people complain that auto insurance is high and at the end of the day watch the adverts with jaundiced eyes. Compass Insurance serving Centennial, CO offers a few tips for keeping your insurance costs low. 

Compare Auto Insurance Costs
When was the last time you compared your insurance costs? And when did you evaluate the same? Most car owners or drivers do not take time to assess their insurances; instead, they stick blindly to one provider. 

The formulas used by most insurance firms depend on moving targets which vary tremendously. Some will offer high costs when risks become more while others only provide a price break. It is also worth noting that the rates of cover rely on your previous records and statistics, including:
•    Chances of accidents 
•    Likelihood of driving a stolen car 
•    Age 
•    Sex marital status 
•    Car model 
•    Credit score

Look For New Policies Early  
Just because you have a current policy for 6 months should not stop you from exploring other options. If you find a better deal and decide to switch providers you can be reimbursed the amount for the remaining period. At the same time, don’t wait until your policy expires because you will make yourself vulnerable to financial losses and it might increase your insurance rates to be reinstated.
Take Advantage of Discounts!
Insurance discounts go a long way in cutting down costs. As you shop around comparing rates, don’t forget to check available discounts. Some discounts to look for include:
•    Policy for more than one car 
•    Car with all safety features 
•    Giving annual premiums all at once 
•    Possessing a driving diagnostic device in your car

Centennial, CO is one of the safest cities in Colorado and Compass Insurance is humbled to provide auto insurance to all residents. Get in touch with us. Our online tool is also available.