These Three Things Might Increase Your Auto Insurance Premium

Insurance companies spend years collecting information about your driving record, life, and estimated safety. Compass Insurance wants to give you the heads up on your auto insurance premium, and we intend to help you get the lowest prices possible.

As your Centennial, CO source of auto insurance, and we’re giving back to the community which made us successful. The three factors below might be unexpectedly boosting your auto insurance premium. Take them to heart, and keep your costs as low as possible.

Factor One: Your Vehicle’s Make and Model

Surprisingly, your vehicle’s type matters. As a general rule: More expensive vehicles cost more, insurance-wise. A sports car, for example, needs more coverage than a four-door family vehicle. If a vehicle is deemed to be “safer,” you’ll get lower quotes.

Factor Two: Your Area

In the eyes of an insurance company, not all areas are created equal. City drivers pay higher premiums than suburban drivers. The risk of vandalism, theft, and accidents is simply higher in city environments. If you’re living far away from any urban areas, you might save even more money on your insurance.

Factor Three: Your Claims History

You’re a valued customer, but you’re also an investment. Safe drivers can get lower premiums than drivers who’ve caused a lot of accidents. If you have an extensive history of insurance claims, you might have higher premium costs than most.

Make sure you’re paying attention to the road, and talk to your Compass Insurance agent if you have any questions. As your Centennial, CO auto insurance provider, we want to make sure you’re as safe as possible. Before picking an auto insurance policy, ask one of our providers what your estimated prices are. While costs differ on a driver to driver basis, you can likely get discounts for any number of reasons.

Should Expert Snowboarders Get Snowboarding Insurance?

At Compass Insurance, serving the greater Centennial, CO area, we are often asked many questions about snowboarding insurance. Here is a bit of information that those planning a snowboarding trip should know about this type of insurance. 

What is Snowboarding Insurance?

Snowboarding insurance is a type of vacation insurance. It does two main things. First, it helps to insure your trip in case of bad weather. If your flight is canceled or weather is so bad you cannot snowboard, snowboarding insurance helps to offset the costs so you are not out the money. For example, if your flight is canceled, it may be too late to cancel your hotel costs. The trip insurance portion of the coverage kicks in, covering the hotel expenses for you so you are not out the money. Secondly, snowboarding insurance covers your medical expenses if you are injured while snowboarding. This includes things like helicopter or ambulance rides to get you off a mountain quickly. 

Should Expert Snowboards Get Snowboarding Insurance?

Those who are expert snowboards may find themselves wondering if this is a type of insurance they need. This type of insurance can be beneficial, even for experts. Expert snowboards are just as likely to encounter bad weather which can wreck havoc on their trip or cause their flight to be canceled as anyone else. Secondly, while expert Snowboarders know how to snowboard, they can still injure themselves while engaging in this activity. As such, it can benefit them to carry this type of insurance going into their snowboarding trip. 

If you are a beginner snowboarder or an expert one, snowboarding insurance can be beneficial to you. Contact Compass Insurance, serving the greater Centennial, CO area today to price out the cost of insurance for your upcoming snowboarding trip.