Additions to Customize Your Commercial General Liability Policy

General liability insurance from Compass Insurance protects your business from court-ordered costs associated with the use of your products and services. Your policy helps pay for medical costs, repairs, and replacement of others’ property.

However, your general liability coverage has some serious limits that could leave your Centennial, CO business vulnerable. Here are some additions to your policy that decrease specific risks to your commercial operation.

Liquor Liability

For establishments that sell alcohol, this policy addition helps pay for legal costs associated with the use of their product. From a destructive and inebriated client to partial liability for damages that occur as a result of consuming alcohol, this coverage is important for bars, eateries, and manufacturers.

Pollution Liability

Your manufacturing plant makes more than items for sales purposes. It also makes chemical and material byproducts that can pollute the air, water, and land around your production plant. Pollution liability helps pay for damages and clean up associated with runoff and debris from your production facility.

Director’s Liability

Running a corporation isn’t easy. Your decisions as a board member can sometimes have unforeseen effects. When things don’t go as planned, a director’s liability policy ensures you can defend yourself in court without risking your personal wealth. This coverage is designed specifically for corporate officers.

Errors and Omissions

The business world relies on contracts to keep everyone honest, open, and prevent problems between partners. However, we are all human and prone to mistakes. Don’t let a momentary lapse of memory derail your entire business plan. An errors and omissions clause protects you from incomplete or erroneous information in your business contracts.

Compass Insurance carries commercial policies for businesses in the Centennial, CO area. Contact our agents to learn how to customize your general liability coverage to match your business goals and style.

Does Boat Insurance Cover Accidents?

Boating is a fun, and sometimes dangerous pastime. You can have a great time boating but without sufficient insurance coverage, you might be left paying a hefty bill for an accident that you are in. For those that live in the Centennial, CO area, the agents with Compass Insurance can help you to find the policy that is going to work best for you and your boat.

For those that have a boat, it is always best to have a boat policy in place to help make sure that you are covered in the case that something does happen. Your policy is going to cover your injuries, the injuries of your passengers, and the cost of the accident as well. Some bodies of water require that you have a boat policy in order to be able to drive your boat. Your boat policy is likely to cover at the very least a liability amount. This means that you are going to be able to claim an accident, and the costs associated with it, in order to make sure that your boat is going to be able to be either repaired or replaced.

You can always take out more coverage based on the boat that you have, the type or amount of coverage that you want, and several other factors. It is always best to speak with an agent to find out more about what policy is going to work best for you and what policy is going to best cover and protect your boat. For those in the Centennial, CO area, the agents with Compass Insurance are a great resource and they can help you to find the policy that works best for you, for your boat, and for any potential situation, you may be in.