Off-Season is the Perfect Time to Review Your Boat Insurance Policy

Owning a boat can be a lot of fun, but there are also a lot of responsibilities involved in responsible boat ownership. As you get ready to take your boat out of the water for the off-season, why not take the opportunity to also review your boat insurance policy? The team at Compass Insurance is here to help our boat-owning clients in the greater Centennial, CO area ensure that their current policy is adequate for their needs. Don’t wait until it’s time to get the boat back on the water to find out that your policy needs an upgrade!

Benefits of Annual Boat Policy Reviews

Boating in Colorado is a great way to enjoy our sunny days, and seeing a side of the state that a lot of people miss. A lot of changes can occur over the lifetime of your boat ownership, such as switching from home storage to a marina or traveling out of state to enjoy more bodies of water. These types of changes are just a small example of events that can alter your insurance needs. Don’t find out that you don’t have adequate towing insurance until it’s too late. Or realize that a theft while your boat is in the marina may not be handled the same way if your boat had been stored at your home. An annual policy review will ensure that your current coverage offers protection for all the ways that you currently use your boat.

Let’s take advantage of the off-season and make sure that your boat insurance policy is right for your needs! If you are in the greater Centennial, CO area, contact the Compass Insurance team today and set up a meeting to review your boat insurance policy. 

Why a Centennial Business Needs Commercial Insurance

There are many different reasons why people will want to start their own business. When you are looking to start your own business, Centennial, CO is a great place to do as it has an amazing local economy. To ensure that you are properly protected when starting a business, having commercial insurance is beneficial. There are several reasons why you should have commercial insurance when you are the owner of a business. 

Ensures Compliance 

One reason why you will need to have commercial insurance is that it will ensure compliance with a wide variety of agreements. Many different stakeholders in your company, including commercial lenders, vendors, investors, and even state regulators will require that you have commercial insurance. This is because having insurance will help to ensure you are able to stay financially solvent if there is an unexpected accident. 

Financial Stability

Most importantly, having insurance is a great way to ensure that you will stay financially stable. There are many unpredictable situations that could arise when you own small business. Whether it is theft, an accident that results in liability claims, or fire damage, you are always at risk of something happening to your organization. Fortunately, you also have the option of getting commercial insurance, which will help to protect your business and keep your organization running even when something bad and unpredictable comes up. 

Maintaining commercial insurance for your Centennial, CO area is always a very good decision. If you are going to own a business and want to learn more about your options for insuring your business, Compass Insurance is a great place to start your search. The team at Compass Insurance will help you to find a policy that will properly protect your business assets and minimize liability.