Keeping your home safe while you are away

Getting away for a day or a week is something that people enjoy. You make your plans, pack your bags, and load the car for the airport or the road. You leave your home behind and an unoccupied house needs to be safe. Bad things happen but they don’t need to happen to you. In Centennial, CO Compass Insurance offers you choices. As independent agents, we represent some of the most respected carriers in the business and we help you find the one that is right for you. 

Set your home security system

If you have a home security system it is a great way to protect your home but only if it is turned on and armed. With all the advances in home security, you should be able to turn your system on remotely with your smartphone even if you realize it after you leave. 

Stop your mail

Nothing says we’re not home like an overstuffed mailbox. It is as simple as going online to the USPS website to fill out the dates you want your mail stopped and when to resume it. It is a good idea to ask mail to stop a day before you are leaving just to make sure your mailman got the message. 

Talk to a neighbor

Neighbors see things, and when you are planning to be away, a nosey neighbor can be your best friend. If you know someone walks the neighborhood every day, ask them to look for anything unusual about your home while you are away. 

Don’t announce your plans

Media silence when you are planning to be away is the best policy. Why give thieves the information they are looking for? Don’t share vacation pictures until you get back. 

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