Colorado Motorcycle Laws

Motorcycle laws vary from state to state, and those living in Centennial, CO need to know and learn the different Colorado Motorcycle Laws. Knowing and understanding these laws helps make riding safer and ensures you are legally driving. Once you are familiar with the motorcycle laws, give us a call at Compass Insurance to discuss how to protect you and your motorcycle while out on the road. 

Here are the minimum safety standards according to Colorado motorcycle laws: 


It is illegal in Colorado to pass another vehicle in the same lane; this includes lane sharing with cars. However, motorcycles can share a lane with another bike. 


Motorcycle riders cannot cling to another vehicle while on the road. Clinging is when you grab onto a car or another motorcycle and have them tow you while riding the bike. 


Helmets are proven to save motorcyclists’ lives; however, riders aged 18 and over do not have to wear a helmet when riding in Colorado. However, those under the age of 18 must wear a DOT-approved helmet when operating a motorcycle or as a passenger. 

Eye Protection

Some form of eye protection is legally required in Colorado for all motorcycle drivers and their passengers. The best eye protection is available as a helmet visor, but goggles or safety glasses are acceptable. 


All motorcycles must have footrests for passengers, and they must be used when riding. 

Riding Position

According to Colorado Law, passengers must ride on the seat located behind the driver or in a sidecar. Passengers cannot ride directly in front of the driver. 

Additional information about Colorado motorcycle laws is in the Colorado Department of Revenue Motor Vehicle Division’s motorcycle handbook. Then give our agents a call at Compass insurance to discuss insurance requirements for Centennial, CO motorcycle owners.