Why Your Business Needs to Invest in Commercial Liability Insurance

Owning a business means you take on a lot of responsibility. After all, accidents can occur at any time and in any place. When an accident occurs in your place of business, you want to ensure that you—and your employees—are fully protected. With commercial liability insurance, you can rest assured that you’re protected, allowing you to worry a little less when it comes to employee injuries, legal expenses, and potential legal recourse.

At Compass Insurance, we offer commercial liability insurance for businesses of all sizes, shapes, and industries. As a Centennial, CO business, you may be curious about what this type of insurance coverage can do for you. Here are a few reasons you should invest in this business insurance coverage.

Cost of Injuries

Regardless of whether it is a slip, trip, or fall, you can get hurt in virtually any kind of work environment. In the event that an injury occurs in your workplace, there is the chance that there will be expensive medical bills involved. With commercial liability insurance, you can rest easy knowing that you’re protected from the financial burden of those bills.

Legal Expenses/Lawsuits

Should an employee feel they have just cause to pursue legal action against your business, commercial liability insurance will cover your legal fees.

Property Damage

Commercial liability insurance will cover any kind of damage to a property as a result of your business. For instance, if your products, services, or employees cause damage to the property, this insurance will cover the costs for repair or replacement.

The Future

If you are a small business, it often doesn’t take much to put your future in jeopardy. All it takes is a single unfortunate incident, such as a broken bone, to put your future at risk. The good news is that commercial liability insurance can protect your business as a whole, including your employees, profits, reputation, and future.

If you would like more information about commercial liability insurance and what type of business insurance is best for your Centennial, CO business, contact our team at Compass Insurance today to speak to one of our insurance agents.

Protection for you and your boat

Adventures on the water can be so much fun, and it is great if you live near water to take advantage of this if you own a boat. Boats are a great thing to have in your life and can be used for so many different things. At the same time, it is really important that your boat gives you enjoyment and pleasure and does not cause additional stress and financial hardship. 

To do that, you should look into boat insurance. Boat insurance can cover you in the nastiest situations. Compass Insurance in Centennial, CO can help you navigate boat insurance quotes. 

Boat accidents

If you and your boat are involved in an accident, you could be liable for the costs of your boat, and you’d want accident cover to help with the costs of any repairs. In addition, you could also be liable for physical harm done to others on your boat or on the boat you are in an accident with. These people might need you to cover their medical bills or, in severe cases, sue you. 


Not just your boat can get stolen. While you should insure your boat against theft, it is also possible that someone breaks into your boat and steals items you have left on your boat. The costs to cover these items can sometimes be a lot, so theft is a great add-on to your boat insurance policy. 

If you feel ready to discuss boat insurance, or even if you just want to have the first conversation about it, search no further. Compass Insurance in Centennial, CO can help you. Feel free to call us, too.