Driving to Canada and Mexico – Is Your Car Covered?

The long road trip is the quintessential American vacation, but what do you do when you have seen everything you want to see in the continental United States? That’s the time to see the sights of Canada and Mexico with the auto insurance you need from Compass Insurance in Centennial, CO.

Does Your Auto Insurance Cover You in Mexico?

Never drive across the border into Mexico, even for a day trip, without coverage for your car. If you are involved in a wreck in Mexico and don’t have insurance, you can be held in jail until a judge is satisfied that you will pay for any damage you are later found to have caused. You need to carry your policy with you when you are driving in Mexico!

Compass Insurance in Centennial, CO works with several companies that can provide coverage in Mexico. We can also write Mexico-specific coverage for motorcycles and RVs. You will only need this coverage while you are in Mexico.

Does Your Auto Insurance Cover You in Canada?

Driving into Canada is less complicated than driving into Mexico. Most of the time, the policy you get through Compass Insurance in Centennial, CO will automatically give you coverage in Canada. Remember to carry your insurance identification card when driving your car.

When traveling to Mexico or Canada, remember to go low-tech. It is always best to have hard copies of your proof of insurance rather than relying on an insurance app on your phone. 

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