Keeping your car running smoothly in hot weather

Keeping your car running smoothly in hot weather requires additional attention because higher temps can potentially put added stress on various vehicle components. To keep your car running smoothly in and around Centennial, CO, the insurance specialists at Compass Insurance offer these tips to maintain your car’s performance when the temperatures rise –

Regular Maintenance

Following your car’s recommended schedule for oil, fluid, and filter checks/replacements is essential, but it is extremely vital when the heat rises and challenges the engine.

Ensure the Cooling System is Working

Inspect the radiator, its grill, and the coolant level. If the temp gauge on the dashboard rises, pull to the side safely and let the engine cool before opening the radiator.

Tire Inflation

Heat has the potential to cause the air inside a tire to expand. Proper pressure offers safer traveling and enhances fuel efficiency.  

Fluid Levels

The important fluids – engine oil, brake fluid, power steering, and transmission fluids, must be maintained at suggested levels to prevent engine issues and overheating.

Air Conditioning

While most people test the AC system before the summer begins, if it is not working effectively before high heat, have it professionally serviced.

Check the Battery

Heat can decrease battery life by accelerating the battery fluid.

Additionally, keeping your car clean to protect the paint from harmful UV rays and parking it in the shade when possible helps to prevent a heat buildup that may damage interior components. And avoid aggressive driving to reduce strain on the engine.

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The Benefits of Creating a Home Inventory

If you live in and around Centennial, CO, the insurance specialists at Compass Insurance offer the following guidance regarding the importance of creating a comprehensive home inventory. Conceptually, this advice provides a simple yet effective way to protect your investments should an unfortunate event (i.e., fire, theft, fire, hurricane, etc.) occur that causes damage.

The Value of Creating a Home Inventory

A home inventory can be created simply by a written list, a photo catalog, or even a digital app designed for this purpose. It is not a complicated process as all it requires is that you systematically evaluate your personal belongings and note important details that include:

  • Item description
  • Purchase price
  • Model number/serial number
  • Receipts

Store the inventory safely, preferably with a trusted friend, a family member, or a cloud-based storage service. Be sure to update the list routinely because it is only as useful as it is accurate. In addition to smoothing out the claims process, creating a home inventory offers these benefits:

It Offers Firm Proof of Ownership

Without a proper inventory, collecting a claim without proof can be challenging.

It Offers an Accurate Valuation

With an accurate estimate of value, you will know how much insurance coverage you need.

It Helps Maximize Compensation

With a detailed and up-to-date inventory, you will be less likely to overlook or forget to include an asset in a claim after you sustain a loss by a covered event.

It Reduces Stress After an Unexpected, Stressful Event

A home inventory prepares you for complex or challenging life moments.  

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