Prepping Your Motorcycle for the Winter

The winter chill is beginning to set in, and it’s crucial that you prepare your motorcycle to withstand the cold temperatures ahead. Thankfully, taking a few steps to ensure your bike is in tip-top shape can help ensure you’ll be ready to hit the road when winter begins to thaw. A solid motorcycle insurance policy is a vital part of keeping your bike safe, and at Compass Insurance, serving Centennial, CO, our team is here to help. 

Clean It Up

Your motorcycle must be clean before you put it into storage for the winter. If you don’t have the time to detail your bike independently, it’s best to set up an appointment with a professional to ensure your bike is ready for storage. 

Inflate Your Tires

When your bike sits in one spot for an extended period, your tires can develop flat spots. Elevating your bike is a smart move to stop this from happening. If you can lift your bike off the ground, you’ll want to reduce the pressure in your tires by about 20%. If you don’t have a place where you’re able to lift your bike, you may want to set a reminder to move your bike every few weeks to stop your tires from developing flat spots.

Compass Insurance: Serving Centennial, CO Motorcyclists

At Compass Insurance, our team is here to help you get the protection you need for your bike. We’re proud to serve the Centennial, CO area, and we’re excited to get to know you and help you find the right policy for your needs. Reach out or stop by our office today to learn more. 

Preparing Your Toys for Winter to Reduce Insurance Claims

Compass Insurance tries to help its Centennial, CO, customers reduce the number of claims they need to file on their toy insurance. Regular maintenance offers one of the best ways to do that.

Like winterizing your car, your toys need winterizing, too. Let’s consider how to do that.

Motorized Toys Need Fall to Winter Maintenance

Your boat, ATV, snowmobile, etc., require regularly scheduled maintenance similar to the type your auto does, including antifreeze, an oil change, and, like a lawnmower, emptying the gas tank.

Consult Your Ownership Manual

Most vehicles come with an owner’s manual that provides directions on winterizing the vehicle. Suppose yours did not, visit the manufacturer’s website to download it. Most websites offer these in .pdf format.

Get Cold Weather Toys Ready for Action

The toys you will store for the winter need different maintenance than those you plan to use during the winter, like a snow plow or a snowmobile. Treat these vehicles like you would your automobile when the seasons change.

Instead of storing them, you must prepare them for cold winter use. This may mean adding a petroleum additive to the gas tank in a full tank of gas if the toy can handle that. Conducting this preparatory maintenance ensures your toy can handle the cold weather, snow, and icy conditions, reducing the likelihood of an accident.

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