If I break my leg while snowboarding and need to be brought down the mountain, am I covered?

If you are in Centennial, Colorado during the winter time, you will probably want to hit the slopes during the winter. But before you go, it is important to make sure that you have the right insurance to cover any emergencies. If you break a leg or sustain any other type of injury that requires you to be retrieved from the mountains, the rescue costs might not be covered by your regular health insurance policy.

Why Buy Ski and Snowboard Insurance?

Even if you are a seasoned pro, anyone can be injured on the slopes. If you break a leg or incur another type of paralyzing injury on the slopes, it might take a rescue team or air evacuation to transfer you to the nearest medical facility.

When it is necessary to retrieve you from the slopes, it can cost several thousand dollars, and you will be the one to foot the bill. Worse, your regular medical insurance policy might not kick in to cover these costs. And this is why ski and snowboard insurance is critical if you are planning to a ski or snowboard. Tailored insurance plans for skiers and snowboarders covers many of the emergency expenses that you can expect to encounter on your trip.

How Can an Independent Agent Help?

Fortunately, a ski and snowboard insurance policy does not necessarily have to be expensive. If you work with an independent agent, you can compare several different policies to find the best prices and levels of coverage. An independent agent can also help you adjust your policy so that it only contains the types of coverage that are relevant to your trip. So before you book your resort tickets, contact us today to speak with an independent agent about ski and snowboard insurance.