Things You Should Ask When Shopping For Auto Insurance

Shopping for car insurance is not always easy and fun, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Therefore, if you want to ensure you get the right coverage in Centennial, CO, you should talk to an insurance agent first and ask them certain questions. Here is a list of these questions: 

What Types of Coverage Are Available?

Understanding the available types of coverage is the very first step. Ask an insurance agent about collision, liability, comprehensive, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, and more to determine the best insurance options for your insurance needs. 

How Do You Calculate Premiums?

Ask an agent about the monthly premium and how this amount is calculated. Certain factors usually determine the premium, including the driver’s record, location, the car’s type and model, and more. 

What Is Not Covered By Insurance?

Not everything is covered by auto insurance, and you should understand that. There are certain situations that your car insurance won’t cover. Make sure to inquire about these exclusions and discuss them first before purchasing a policy.

What Is the Claims Process Like?

You should understand the claims process and all the details, including how to file a claim, expected response times, and the insurer’s reputation for customer service. You may face numerous stressful situations, so ensuring the process is transparent and smooth is crucial. 

Can I Customize My Policy?

Ask if your policy can be tailored to suit your specific insurance needs. Tailoring your coverage ensures you are not overpaying for unnecessary extras.

Now that you know what questions to ask, it is time to take action and get a policy. Contact a reputable insurance agent to discuss your specific needs and find a policy that fits your requirements and budget. If you are in Centennial, CO, or any nearby town, contact Compass Insurance. Compass Insurance specializes in different types of insurance, including auto insurance.

Keeping your car running smoothly in hot weather

Keeping your car running smoothly in hot weather requires additional attention because higher temps can potentially put added stress on various vehicle components. To keep your car running smoothly in and around Centennial, CO, the insurance specialists at Compass Insurance offer these tips to maintain your car’s performance when the temperatures rise –

Regular Maintenance

Following your car’s recommended schedule for oil, fluid, and filter checks/replacements is essential, but it is extremely vital when the heat rises and challenges the engine.

Ensure the Cooling System is Working

Inspect the radiator, its grill, and the coolant level. If the temp gauge on the dashboard rises, pull to the side safely and let the engine cool before opening the radiator.

Tire Inflation

Heat has the potential to cause the air inside a tire to expand. Proper pressure offers safer traveling and enhances fuel efficiency.  

Fluid Levels

The important fluids – engine oil, brake fluid, power steering, and transmission fluids, must be maintained at suggested levels to prevent engine issues and overheating.

Air Conditioning

While most people test the AC system before the summer begins, if it is not working effectively before high heat, have it professionally serviced.

Check the Battery

Heat can decrease battery life by accelerating the battery fluid.

Additionally, keeping your car clean to protect the paint from harmful UV rays and parking it in the shade when possible helps to prevent a heat buildup that may damage interior components. And avoid aggressive driving to reduce strain on the engine.

Contact a Leading Auto Insurer

Remember that extreme heat is challenging for you and your vehicle. For information on how a Compass Insurance auto policy can help protect you, contact the professionals at 303-996-9000 or online.

What to Know About Car Insurance Before Your Next Road Trip

With summer fast approaching, you’ve likely begun planning your next getaway. It’s no secret that the US is full of potential road trips, especially for those living in the Centennial, CO area. In all of the excitement, the issue of car insurance is often overlooked.

Understanding how your insurance policy functions before heading out on the open road can ensure that you’re prepared for whatever comes your way. At Compass Insurance, we want to ensure you have the information you need to make the right choices before your next road trip.

Things to Keep in Mind

There are two main things that you need to know when taking a road trip in your own car: who/what is covered and what happens if you have a crash in another state. Generally speaking, your policy allows other people to drive your car unless specifically excluded from your policy or if other circumstances are at play.

Your policy follows your car, so it’s valid while driving in other states. Though most states have different laws regarding the amount of coverage you should have, it’s unlikely that you will be penalized for being in an accident in a form requiring more insurance coverage than you have.

You should also be aware of the specifics of your policy when it comes to things like roadside assistance, towing, and rental car coverage. This will ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises during an emergency.

Get the Right Coverage for You With Help From Compass Insurance

If you’re looking for a car insurance policy that gives you the protection you need without breaking the bank, contact Compass Insurance today! We help Centennial, CO residents compare policies from all of the major carriers to find the coverage that’s right for them.

Driving to Canada and Mexico – Is Your Car Covered?

The long road trip is the quintessential American vacation, but what do you do when you have seen everything you want to see in the continental United States? That’s the time to see the sights of Canada and Mexico with the auto insurance you need from Compass Insurance in Centennial, CO.

Does Your Auto Insurance Cover You in Mexico?

Never drive across the border into Mexico, even for a day trip, without coverage for your car. If you are involved in a wreck in Mexico and don’t have insurance, you can be held in jail until a judge is satisfied that you will pay for any damage you are later found to have caused. You need to carry your policy with you when you are driving in Mexico!

Compass Insurance in Centennial, CO works with several companies that can provide coverage in Mexico. We can also write Mexico-specific coverage for motorcycles and RVs. You will only need this coverage while you are in Mexico.

Does Your Auto Insurance Cover You in Canada?

Driving into Canada is less complicated than driving into Mexico. Most of the time, the policy you get through Compass Insurance in Centennial, CO will automatically give you coverage in Canada. Remember to carry your insurance identification card when driving your car.

When traveling to Mexico or Canada, remember to go low-tech. It is always best to have hard copies of your proof of insurance rather than relying on an insurance app on your phone. 

Compass Insurance in Centennial, CO has been in operation since 2002. Because we are an independent agency, we can find the insurance you need for the lowest possible premiums. Call us today at 303-996-9000!

Does auto insurance cover a rental vehicle?

After years of staying home or close to home, people are enjoying their freedom to head out for vacation. You book your flights, make hotel reservations and look for a rental car. That is where the stress begins, with many questions as soon as you start your reservation. At Compass Insurance in Centennial, CO, we know that we work for our customers, and we place the needs of our customers first. As independent insurance agents, we can offer our customers more choices.

After you determine what days you want to have your vehicle, where you want to pick up and drop off, and the type of vehicle you want, the questions about taking the offered insurance come up. It can double the rental price, and you wonder if you even need it. Won’t your auto insurance cover you? The answer is maybe. 

Where are you vacationing?

If you are going to Europe or most other places outside the US, the answer is no. Your personal insurance is not going to cover you. Canada, however, is the exception. Whether you rent your vehicle in the US and drive into Canada or rent in Canada, typically, your insurance will cover you. 

What coverage do you have on your personal vehicle? 

The coverage you have will cover you on a rental car. However, if you only have liability coverage, that is what you will have. You won’t have any coverage to protect the vehicle, which will not be acceptable to the rental company. You need full coverage, including collision and comprehensive, and not be required to take the insurance coverage offered by the rental car company. Not only that, you don’t need the coverage to protect your personal property, as long as you have a home, renters, or condo insurance policy. 

In Centennial, CO, contact Compass Insurance for all your auto insurance needs. 

Why is auto insurance a necessity in Colorado?

Those that live in the Centennial, CO, and Denver area have likely seen dramatic growth and changes over the past decade. When you are living in this area, you will find that owning a car is a necessity. Along with owning a car, you also need to get insurance for your car. There are various reasons why having auto coverage should be considered necessary for any vehicle owner in this part of the state. 

Meet State Requirements

A critical reason that anyone in this state will want auto insurance is so they can meet requirements set by the state. If you purchase a car and drive it in Colorado, you will have to carry liability insurance at all times. This insurance provides assurances that you can cover damages that may be caused in an accident. Without this coverage, you would violate the law and could be penalized. 

Protect Your Vehicle

It is also a necessity to get auto insurance to ensure that you can protect your vehicle. If you intend to purchase a car, it will take a sizable investment, and protecting it for the future is quite important. A full auto insurance plan with comprehensive coverage will provide ample support to ensure you can repair or replace it if a loss is incurred. 

You always need to know that you are insured when you own a car in Centennial, CO. If you want to insure your vehicle, choosing the right coverage is important. The team with Compass Insurance will offer any guidance necessary to build your plan. Compass Insurance takes a customized approach to insurance and will ensure you are aware of your needs and options to build the right policy. 

Terms to Know When You Read Auto Insurance Documents

If you struggle to understand your auto insurance policy documents, you are not alone. Many people have difficulty understanding some of the terms commonly used in policy documents.

Do you want to understand your policy documents? Compass Insurance knows the difficulty of remembering some of these terms associated with your Centennial, CO insurance policy. Here are the terms you should know.

Declarations Page

One of the first terms you might see is the "declaration page." This is the document on which the insurance company will discuss all the coverage you have opted into. When you read this page, you will learn more about deductions, drivers on your policy, and coverage levels.

Policies & Coverage

On your declarations page, you will see several types of coverage options. One is liability coverage, which pays bills and repairs if you are decidedly at fault for the accident. Then, there is comprehensive insurance, which covers damage to your vehicle caused by something besides a car accident.

Minimum Coverage

Minimum coverage is the state requirement for insurance coverage in your region. For example, most states have minimum requirements for liability coverage, which will cover damage that you cause to other vehicles. In Colorado, you are required to carry $25,000 for bodily injury or death caused to one person and $50,000 for injury to everybody in any single accident.

Actual Cash Value

Actual cash value, or ACV, refers to the cash value you will receive if a collision or comprehensive policy pays out. This value could be less than the value of your vehicle.

Learn More About Auto Insurance Documents

Are you ready to learn more about your insurance documents? Compass Insurance can help you find the right auto insurance policy in Centennial, CO. Contact our team to learn more.

Can a Speeding Ticket Affect Your Car Insurance?

There are certain rules of the road, such as the speed limit, that people might overlook at times. This is an area of traffic law that is incredibly important. If you are stopped and issued a speeding ticket, you might wonder what the consequences will be when it comes to your auto insurance. A Centennial, CO agent from Compass Insurance can help you understand if this may have an effect. 

Will it impact your car insurance if you get a speeding ticket? 

The short answer is that you probably will have points added to your driver’s license in the event that you get caught speeding and receive a ticket. In turn, this can lead to an increase in how much you’ll have to pay for automobile insurance. Colorado is a state that adds points to a person’s driver’s license for this and other reasons. 

The amount that your insurance rises after a speeding ticket depends on several factors. Among those are the state in which you reside, your driving record up until that point in time, how fast you were driving, and the company that you use for insurance. You may have to wait a little while to find this out since it might not change until your policy is renewed. This is because your insurance agency typically won’t review your driving record until this time. 

Additionally, if you get multiple speeding tickets within a three-year period, you likely will have much higher auto insurance rates because you’ll be considered a "high-risk driver".

As with nearly anything else, all of this may not be applicable even though it’s common practice to raise automobile insurance rates after the policyholder receives a speeding ticket and has points put on their license. If you’re new to getting auto insurance, it can benefit you to talk to an experienced Centennial, CO area agent from Compass Insurance about your concerns so you know what to expect. 

Is basic auto insurance ever enough

At Compass Insurance in Centennial, CO, we were founded in 2002 with the intention of offering residents choices that only an independent insurance agency can. We are committed to not just finding our customers the right policy, but we continue to offer our expertise and our help throughout the year. We have an in-house claim specialist, who will be there with you through the entire claims process. 

In Colorado basic auto insurance is confined to liability coverage. Liability insurance helps to pay for injuries you may cause to other drivers and their passengers as the result of an accident where you are the at-fault driver. It will also pay for property damage. The Colorado limits are 25/50/15. That translates to $25,000 for the first injured person and a total of $50,000 for an accident. The property limit is $15,000. This is pretty basic, especially the property damage, if the vehicle is relatively new, $15,000 could leave you paying a lot out of pocket. 

That is what basic auto insurance consists of, does it seem like enough to you? If you don’t have any assets, and you have an old clunker, it probably is. For the rest of the driver, this is just not going to cut it. Especially if you still have a car loan, you are going to have to carry comprehensive and collision coverage. 

Comprehensive and collision coverage will repair your vehicle and if you are like most people, you count on your vehicle to get to work and to get around. It can cost thousands of dollars after an accident or if your vehicle is stolen. Insurance makes it possible to replace or repair your transportation. Since this is a necessity, basic auto insurance just won’t be enough.

If you live in or near Centennial, CO, Compass Insurance is your one-stop insurance agency. 

Coverage Options for Auto Insurance

The state requires that all motorists have at least liability auto insurance in place. This type of policy will cover the medical bills for any injuries sustained by others if you cause an accident to occur and it will also cover any property damage as a result of the crash. The auto insurance agents at Compass Insurance in Centennial, CO understand the importance of avoiding fines, court costs, and possible driver’s license suspension by securing the right auto insurance policy for you.

Underinsured and Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage is very important to have in place just in case you are involved in an accident with a motorist who does not have any insurance or not enough to cover all of the medical bills for injuries you suffered in an accident that is their fault, as well as not enough to cover property damage which includes your vehicle.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

Comprehensive insurance will pay for repairs or to replace a vehicle if it is damaged or destroyed by vandalism, a fire, or a natural disaster. It will also cover your vehicle if it is stolen.

Collision Insurance Coverage

Collision insurance covers damages that occur as the result of a collision with another vehicle or an object. For example, if you hit a building and cause damage to it, this part of your policy will cover any damage you caused to the building.

Many lenders and banks that you may have used to purchase your vehicle may require you to have these types of insurance policies in place along with liability insurance.

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