Does Home Insurance Cover Boats?

Boat owners in Centennial, CO can find many great boating destinations without leaving the state. They frequently enjoy visiting Colorado’s reservoirs, rivers, and alpine lakes. However, serious boat accidents occur from time to time. It’s important to carry sufficient insurance. Many boaters wonder if they should buy separate coverage or rely on their homeowners’ policies.

Does a Basic Home Insurance Policy Cover My Boat?

Some home insurers cover boats and their contents, however, several major limitations apply and it may be best to obtain a separate policy for your boat. A home insurance policy normally won’t cover motorboats with engines that generate more than 24 hp. Sailboats mustn’t measure over 25 feet. Furthermore, the coverage is restricted in multiple ways. An insurer might only compensate you for a stolen vessel if someone steals it from your property. Some insurers don’t provide any liability protection.


It’s possible to gain greater coverage by adding a boat endorsement to a homeowners’ policy. Some people call this a "rider" or a "scheduled" possession. Endorsements cover larger boats, bigger engines, and more boating accessories. They often come with liability insurance as well. This is crucial if you cause an accident that harms fellow boaters or their property.


Obtain a Separate Policy through Compass Insurance 

Another option is to acquire a completely separate boat policy. This kind of insurance generally offers the most comprehensive coverage. Many insurers cover liability, theft and accidental damage. The policy may insure a trailer in addition to the vessel itself. Theft is frequently covered regardless of a boat’s location when it was stolen.

Compass Insurance provides Centennial, CO residents with many different types of coverage, including boat and home policies. Many agencies only work with a single insurer. On the other hand, we make it possible for customers to look at insurance services from more than 15 respected providers. This saves time and greatly increases the likelihood that you’ll find suitable coverage. To learn more, please call Compass Insurance at 303-996-9000.