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We’re not licensed and appointed in all states and usually recommend that customers use a local agent when it comes to business insurance so they can get the best advice and premiums in the area. If your business is or is going to be located in Colorado, please feel free to reach out to me and I would be happy to work on quotes for you!


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Business Insurance · Centennial, Colorado

Commercial insurance most commonly applies to workers' compensation, property, and liability types of coverage. Although buying insurance directly from the insurance source can be a positive experience, you may not get everything you expected or you may not pay a price that is significantly lower than the competition. Comparing the quotes from insurance companies in Centennial, Denver, Littleton, and surrounding areas of Colorado can be time-consuming and frustrating. There is also a high probability that your analysis of each company's insurance packages is inaccurate since their representatives will often exaggerate or misinform to achieve a sale. Because of these reasons, buying commercial insurance from an independent agent is your best bet for getting the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Nearly everyone uses a car for business purposes. Whether it's visiting clients, attending business meetings off of the work site or transporting essential business materials, automobiles help get the job done faster and more efficiently. The function of the company automobile(s) can be vital to the flow of business or, at the very least, a great convenience in this flow. Commercial auto insurance would be there for you in case of an accident to help keep your business steady. From car accidents to dead batteries, commercial auto insurance can help you obtain a replacement vehicle quickly while repairing your automobile so you don't have to miss a day of business.

Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL)

This form of insurance is essential for both small and large business to protect your co-workers and clients. Say someone gets hurt on the job or a customer becomes injured from a piece of your business equipment. Commercial general liability insurance can cover these costs and may even prevent a lawsuit from surfacing because of the accident.

Commercial Property Insurance

Property insurance is one of the most common forms of coverage since the majority of businesses operate out of one or several stations. Commercial property insurance would protect your business assets from damage through dangerous weather conditions, fires, crime, and more. This type of insurance can save you in a desperate time of need and help your business get back on its feet in severe circumstances.

Workers' Compensation

Workers' compensation is distributed to employees who have been injured on the job in exchange for their agreement not to file a lawsuit against the company. There types of insurance packages cover average weekly wage, compensation for economic loss, payment of medical bills or those relevant to the injury, and benefits for workers who have been killed on the job in the form of life insurance.

Business Owner's Package (BOP)

A business owner's package makes things simpler and more affordable by combining all of the essential insurance coverage plans mentioned above into one plan that covers all circumstances. All BOP packages are different and most focus on property and may leave out essential factors such as workers' compensation. Because of this, it is best to compare companies to see who offers the best coverage for your business that would keep you protected where you need it most.

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