3 Reasons You Need To Insure Your Snowboard This Winter

If there’s one thing the residents of Centennial, CO know how to do it’s turning the cold and gray days of winter into a spectacular sporting frenzy. If you’re an active snowboarding enthusiast, like many of us, chances are you have plenty of equipment to help you enjoy your favorite slopes. And with any extreme sport, there come hazards too. That’s why it’s important to consider insuring your snowboard, and any other winter sports equipment you can’t live without!

Protect Your Gear From Costly Repairs

Even the most cautious person can end up having an accident at play. Falls happen. Sometimes we find hidden obstacles, such as rocks, that can seriously tear up a board. And of course, there are the occasional mishaps during transportation or storage. Should your snowboard become damaged or broken this winter, a Compass Insurance policy can help pay for the cost of repairs!

Coverage For Injuries

Standard health insurance doesn’t always cover injuries that occur during recreation, and that includes snowboarding. Supplementing your existing coverage can help you focus on recovery without worrying about hospital bills. Insure yourself and your gear this year for maximum peace of mind!

Protection From Theft Or Vandalism

Nothing is worse than having your seasonal plans ruined by some shady characters in the night! When you insure your snowboards, skis, and other treasured equipment you get coverage for damage or theft too. That means you can feel secure even when you’re not using your gear!

These are just some of the benefits you can have when you insure your most valuable possessions with Compass Insurance. We’re now serving winter sports enthusiasts in Centennial, CO. Contact us today and discover even more reasons why our insurance options can help you stay happy and active this winter!

The Role of Auto Insurance in Collision Repair

When a collision occurs in Centennial, CO, your auto insurance will kick in to pay for the other person’s car or property damage. You may notice that has nothing to do with repairing your vehicle.

How auto insurance deals with a collision can vary based on several factors. At Compass Insurance, we feel it’s important you understand how auto insurance works when it comes to collisions.

What is a Collision? What Isn’t a Collision?

For the purposes of insurance, a collision occurs when your moving vehicle hits another car, or anything else. Sometimes, a car that rolls can fall under the collision category as well. If something other than another car causes damage to your vehicle, it’s not a collision.

Does Auto Insurance Pay for Collision Repairs?

Your insurance won’t pay for damage to your vehicle unless you have collision coverage specifically. Do you have collision coverage? It’s not an insurance requirement in Colorado. That means there are many drivers out there who may incorrectly think their insurance will cover repairs to their vehicles.

Always remember basic insurance covers the other driver and their property so you don’t have to with your own money. Anything beyond that will typically require additional coverage such as collision and comprehensive. If you don’t yet own your car, then it’s possible the bank or lender requires you to have collision coverage. This also applies to leasing a vehicle.

What Happens if You Don’t Have Collision Coverage?

In a best-case scenario, the other driver can hold all or most of the blame. In such a case, their insurance will pay for repairs to your vehicle. That only applies to collisions with another insured driver. In all other cases, you will have to see to your own repairs if you don’t have collision coverage.

At Compass Insurance, we offer collision coverage in and around Centennial, CO. We also offer various other options that can protect you and your property. Help us to help you figure out just how much collision coverage you need. Don’t leave your vehicle unprotected. Contact us today for a quote. 

Does Commercial Insurance Cover Inventory?

When it comes to owning a business there are some serious issues that you need to keep in mind. Especially for those businesses that have physical inventory to sell, what your commercial policy covers is sort of a big deal. If you have a commercial policy, odds are it covers a great deal more than you might even realize making it a great investment for those that want to keep their business safe and for those that want to make sure they are covered in the case of any issues. For those that live in the Centennial, CO area, the agents with Compass Insurance can help you to find out just what your policy covers.

For the most part, a commercial policy is going to cover things like damages, employee injury, lawsuits that might be leveled against the business, and the inventory that is in the business. Since your inventory is such a huge part of any business that sells merchandise, it is important that your commercial policy cover any damages, theft, or destruction of your inventory so that you can get back to working even if something happens.

The goal of commercial insurance is to make sure that you can get back to work even if something happens that is catastrophic. Say your business is damaged by fire. Your inventory might be lost but your commercial policy is going to help you get the money you need to get your items back or to remake them so that your business can get back to work despite anything that may have happened. Commercial policies are a must for many businesses. If you live in the Centennial, CO area, the agents with Compass Insurance can help you find the policy that is going to fully protect your business no matter what.  

Some of the Businesses That Require Commercial Insurance Provisions for Animals

At our agency, Compass Insurance located in the beautiful city of Centennial, CO we are strengthened by the fact that our insurance products en-"compass" all facets of your insurance needs. Some particular businesses require provisions for animals. Here’s a short list: 


Veterinarians have a great need to include provisions for animals on their commercial policy. The actual health and welfare of the animals in their care would be covered differently as Vet Dr’s have to have malpractice insurance much like a Dr. for humans would possess. Commercial policy aspects would include coverage for the furry ones when they were housed at the facility waiting for pick up, drop off or simply visit the office.   


If you’re in business to board animals your commercial policy would include provisions for many things that may occur to an animal housed at your facility. In the case of a natural disaster such as a flood or other weather related calamity, you would want to ensure you have protection to cover your liability if an animal is hurt.


Owners of entertainment entities that feature animals as performers or on display have special insurance needs. It is imperative to cover all bases with a commercial insurance policy and a qualified agent is trained to venture deeply into the "what-if’s". With performance animals, their owners have many areas of vulnerability. One added provision would have to protect against mechanical failure or malfunction of any props or sets that are used during the performance.  

Whether you need special animal provisions on your commercial policy or animals are strictly prohibited on business premises, come visit Compass Insurance. Serving the Centennial, CO area and the areas nearby, we would love to serve all of your insurance needs. 

Other than my house, What else can basic home insurance cover?

Depending on your specific policy, you home insurance may be able to cover additional items aside from damage to the structure of your home. If disasters occur, you will obviously have more than just structural damage to worry about. For those in Centennial, CO, Compass Insurance can have you covered.

Ordinance Upgrades

If your home is damaged and needs to be rebuilt, the home insurance policy will have to make upgrades that are mandated by city or state ordinances. If the local government requires your home to have outdoor lights, the policy will have to cover this new addition.


Certain accidents that occur on your property can have claims with your home insurance. If somebody is injured on your property, their medical bills can be covered by your home insurance policy.

Liability Coverage

Home insurance will typically cover certain liabilities that are associated with owning a home. This may also include covering injuries in the event that your dog bites somebody else.

Spoiled Food

As unusual as it may sound, your rotten food may be covered if it was ruined by a power outage. Many insurance policies will cover up to $500 worth of food in your fridge in the event of a major outage.

Loss Of Use

If your home is wrecked by a natural disaster and you are forced to live in a hotel, the insurance policy will cover your bills. The living expenses, including hotels and restaurants, will be covered until you and your family are back on your feet.

There are still many other things home insurance may cover depending on your specific policy and local laws. To find out which home insurance plan in Centennial, CO is right for you, you may consult with Compass Insurance.

Protect Your Vehicle With These Upgrades

Outside of your home, your vehicle is one of the largest investments you’ll make. With your vehicle, regular oil changes, maintenance and car washes can help extend the life of the vehicle, but these services do not protect it (outside of avoiding early rusting). Here at Compass Insurance, we want to help protect your vehicle, whether you live in Centennial, CO or somewhere else. So here are a handful of upgrades you can protect your vehicle with.

Wheel Locks

If you have any kind of rims on your vehicle, you need to protect the auto upgrade. Rims are easily stolen and quickly sold, so if your rims are ever ripped off you’re likely to never track the wheels down. With wheel locks it becomes extremely difficult to remove the rims without damaging the wheels, rending the wheels worthless to those looking for quick cash. 

Bumper and Brush Guard

Your vehicle’s bumpers are now designed not necessarily to sustain a direct impact but to keep those inside the vehicle safe. While everyone inside the vehicle is safe, the front of your vehicle may sustain heavy damage. With a bumper and brush guard, you can protect your headlights and bumper from fender benders. This way, you can increase the value of your vehicle with the upgrade while limiting possible damage. 

When it comes to protecting your vehicle, these are some of the very best upgrade options available. whether you have the upgrades factory installed, do it yourself or go into an auto garage, each of these upgrades will reduce the chance of theft and cut down on your vehicle damage in the event of an accident. If you have other questions regarding auto insurance, make sure to contact Compass Insurance as we can help you out, whether you live in Centennial, CO or in a neighboring community. 

How Snowboarding Insurance Works

Going on a snowboarding trip? Want to hit the slopes without a care in the world, but part of you is worried about what might happen if you are injured? Snowboarding insurance may be the best option for you. At Compass Insurance, we are here to help assist you and your insurance needs, regardless of if you are in Centennial, CO or another location all together. 

What is Snowboarding Insurance?

Snowboarding insurance is similar to that of standard vacation insurance. It provides coverage for any kind of flight cancelations, it covers the cost of lost baggage and also medical expenses that might come up from this kind of an activity. However, snowboarding insurance goes further and provides additional coverage for more specific activities you’ll engage in. 

Added Benefits of Snowboarding Insurance

Snowboarding insurance provides added medical coverage. It can also provide coverage should you find yourself at the slope but the slope is closed, or if you need any kind of emergency rescue in the vent of problems with the snow. Essentially, it takes regular vacation insurance to the next level and provides you with the kind of protection you’d need when engaging in an activity that brings about more possible dangers. It is always important to properly protect yourself and your trip whenever you go on an outdoor vacation or activity with potential danger. 

When it comes to seeking adventure thrills in the great outdoors, it is always best to protect yourself. With the aid of snowboarding insurance, you’ll know you are protected while having a great time. We at Compass Insurance want to do everything in our power to protect you, whether you are in Centennial, CO or not. So if you have any insurance questions or concerns, make sure to contact us today. 

Does Home Insurance Cover Boats?

Boat owners in Centennial, CO can find many great boating destinations without leaving the state. They frequently enjoy visiting Colorado’s reservoirs, rivers, and alpine lakes. However, serious boat accidents occur from time to time. It’s important to carry sufficient insurance. Many boaters wonder if they should buy separate coverage or rely on their homeowners’ policies.

Does a Basic Home Insurance Policy Cover My Boat?

Some home insurers cover boats and their contents, however, several major limitations apply and it may be best to obtain a separate policy for your boat. A home insurance policy normally won’t cover motorboats with engines that generate more than 24 hp. Sailboats mustn’t measure over 25 feet. Furthermore, the coverage is restricted in multiple ways. An insurer might only compensate you for a stolen vessel if someone steals it from your property. Some insurers don’t provide any liability protection.


It’s possible to gain greater coverage by adding a boat endorsement to a homeowners’ policy. Some people call this a "rider" or a "scheduled" possession. Endorsements cover larger boats, bigger engines, and more boating accessories. They often come with liability insurance as well. This is crucial if you cause an accident that harms fellow boaters or their property.


Obtain a Separate Policy through Compass Insurance 

Another option is to acquire a completely separate boat policy. This kind of insurance generally offers the most comprehensive coverage. Many insurers cover liability, theft and accidental damage. The policy may insure a trailer in addition to the vessel itself. Theft is frequently covered regardless of a boat’s location when it was stolen.

Compass Insurance provides Centennial, CO residents with many different types of coverage, including boat and home policies. Many agencies only work with a single insurer. On the other hand, we make it possible for customers to look at insurance services from more than 15 respected providers. This saves time and greatly increases the likelihood that you’ll find suitable coverage. To learn more, please call Compass Insurance at 303-996-9000.






How to Handle a Slip and Fall Case as a Small Business Owner

If you own a business in or around Centennial, CO, business insurance is an absolute necessity. One of the biggest reasons for this is slip and fall cases.

The Danger of Slip and Fall Accidents for Small Business Owners in Centennial, CO

Thousands of slip and fall accidents cost small businesses in the United States millions of dollars each year. In fact, the number one cause of accidental injury is are slip and fall incidents.

And unfortunately, as a small business owner, you are liable and legally responsible if an accident happens on your property. It might be that a spilled liquid that happened just seconds before caused a senior to slip, or perhaps someone fell on ice outside your establishment.

What to Do to Protect Yourself

Commercial insurance from a reputable provider can save the day when it comes to liability in a slip and fall case. But there are concrete steps that you need to take in the event of a slip and fall accident on your property as well.

First, if someone falls on your property, offer them immediate help. Don’t hesitate to call for an ambulance if necessary. Next, make sure to file an incident report right away, and get testimonials from witnesses, including names and phone numbers. Photograph the scene. Take as many pictures as possible.

You’ll then need to contact your insurance company and provide them with any and all information. You’ll want to be the first to call your insurance provider. We, in turn, will follow up with the injured individual. Together, we will preserve the evidence that you have if a court case ensues.

Contact Compass Insurance Today

Contact Compass Insurance serves Centennial, CO and can take care of all of your commercial insurance needs. Get commercial insurance today so that you can be protected against slip and fall accidents. To get in touch with an agent, give us a call today at 303-996-9000, or simply fill out our easy contact form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Why Cleaning Your Car Can Lower Your Insurance Cost

Cluttered cars are a common problem, but few in Centennial, CO probably know how they can affect their insurance. While not the biggest problem in the world, it is one we at Compass Insurance have noticed multiple times and is something we can help you better understand.

A Cluttered Car Is More Dangerous

While it is easy for a car to end up getting cluttered excessively over the years, this is a dangerous situation for a variety of reasons. First of all, it creates a driving environment that is more difficult to handle and which could cause accidents. Insurance companies note these problems and will penalize you if you refuse to clean out your car.

Clutter Can Also Decrease Fuel Efficiency

One thing that few probably understand is that clutter weighs down their vehicle and can cause decreased fuel efficiency. How? By creating extra drag that overpowers the engine. Unfortunately, this problem can raise your insurance by decreasing the vehicle’s efficiency and making it less environmentally safe.

Debris In Cluttered Cars Is Troubling

Imagine getting in a car accident in a cluttered car. All those items are suddenly airborne and could end up hitting your or anyone else involved in the accident. They could even spill out of the vehicle and cause a mess that would cost a lot to clean up. In this instance, your premium would go up.

Clean Your Car Up Immediately

The first step to avoiding increased insurance due to clutter is to clean it out of your car. Take a garbage bag out to your car, clean all obvious trash out, and remove any other items that simply don’t need to be there. In this way, you create a safer driving experience that will avoid increased premiums.

At Compass Insurance, we understand the dangers of cluttered cars and want to help our customers avoid this problem. So if you live in Centennial, CO or the surrounding area, please contact us today to learn more tips on how to save money on your insurance premiums.