The Importance of Business Interruption Insurance in Centennial, CO

Many commercial insurance policies are not as comprehensive as some clients need them to be. The professional agents at Compass Insurance understand the complexities that can come with obtaining the appropriate policy for business entities in the greater Centennial, CO area. Business interruption insurance often goes overlooked, and is not thought about until it is too late. Don’t let this happen to your business.

Business interruption insurance is helpful in cases where:

  • Loss or damage to the firm’s headquarters or other building that prevents the company to operate as normal,
  • Destruction of inventory or the means of conveying products to market, and
  • Theft of intellectual property or other disruptions to the firm’s products and market knowledge.

Appropriate business interruption insurance can make the difference between weathering a storm and having to fold your business. Additionally, many small business owners utilize personal assets, such as their home, to secure financing for their firms. Do not let an unforeseen situation cause your family to lose their home! Base-level commercial insurance policies may not provide the protection that you would be necessary to overcome many of life’s unforeseen obstacles.

Our agents recommend annual insurance policy reviews in order to determine if your coverage is growing with your business. As businesses grow and change, their insurance needs may also require adjustment. If you are just starting out and are looking for a comprehensive business policy, or you want ot ensure that your current coverage is adequate, the agents at Compass Insurance can provide the guidance you need.

If you are a business owner in the greater Centennial, CO area, the Compass Insurance company is here to help! Business interruption insurance can help give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your business will be protected.

Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Tips to Protect Your Property When The Unexpected Strikes

Centennial, Colorado is known for its refreshing, outdoor recreational areas that are enhanced by stunning vistas of the nearby Rocky Mountains.  However, its rolling hills and ravines can present challenges when natural disasters strike.  Throughout the years, Colorado residents have experienced a number of these hazards that include floods, fires, earthquakes, blizzards and even avalanches.  Here are the two most likely natural disasters that you’ll face in Centennial, Colorado, and ways to prepare for them.


Most of you have flood insurance, but you’ve perhaps forgotten the specifics of your policy.  Now is the time to go over your paperwork and contact your Compass Insurance Group agent if you have any questions about gaps in coverage for your home or commercial property.  Some things that may not be covered by your basic flood insurance policy are:

  • Finished basement furnishings and fixtures

  • Valuable paperwork that you could’ve protected

  • Mold damage that you could’ve prevented    

  • Septic tanks  

For those of you who are waiting for an alarming weather forecast before obtaining flood insurance, be aware that your property will not be covered until 30 days after you obtain the policy.  Now is the time to protect your real estate investment from flood damage.  


The personal safety of you, family members and colleagues should be of primary importance when it comes to wildfire disaster preparation. You want to have designated evacuation routes and meeting spots identified ahead of time. It’s best to conduct evacuation drills with your family or co-workers periodically to keep them ready for actual incidents.  Create emergency supply kits that you can take with you if you need to evacuate quickly.  Here are some things that your kit should include:

  • Three-day supply of potable water and non-perishable food

  • Change of clothing

  • Hygiene and sanitation items

  • Copies of valuable paperwork

  • battery operated radio

Final Thoughts

Natural disasters usually represent trying times for everyone. However, doing some upfront planning can ensure that you keep your sanity and more of your money intact. Call your Compass Insurance Group agent to find out the best ways to insure your home or commercial property against flood and fire hazards.   

What is Snowboard Insurance?

Snowboard insurance is one of the newest types of insurances offered today. Here at Compass Insurance, serving the greater Centennial, CO area, we know that most of our customers are not yet familiar with this type of insurance and may not understand what it is or what it cover against. If you are a snowboarder, here is some information you should know about snowboarding insurance. 

What is Snowboard Insurance?

Snowboard insurance is actually a travel insurance policy that protects you while you are on a snowboarding trip.

How Does Snowboard Insurance Cover You?

Snowboard insurance covers you in many different ways. If your trip has to be canceled due to illness or injury, snowboard insurance coverage helps you get your money back. If your flight is delayed due to weather conditions and you end up needing to get a hotel or incur hotel cancellation fees, your snowboard trip insurance covers you. If your snowboard equipment is damaged or stolen while traveling, snowboard insurance covers you. And if you are injured while on a snowboarding trip, snowboard insurance helps to transport you back home and provides you with out-of-state or out of country medical coverage that is needed right away. 

How is Snowboard Insurance Different Than Travel Insurance?

While many of the components are the same between the two types of insurance, the biggest differences have to do with covering your snowboarding equipment and offering you more medical coverage. A snowboard insurance policy offers you a higher insurance policy, as snowboarding injuries can be costly, compared to most standard travel insurance policies that are sold. 

If you are ready to purchase snowboarding insurance, Compass Insurance, serving the greater Centennial, CO area, sells this type of insurance. Call us today or swing by our office to obtain an estimate. 

Auto Insurance Centennial CO: What You Must Know

Insurance companies support the US economy by pumping millions of dollars into the economy annually. Most of the money goes into advertising as competition for clients stiffens. Most people complain that auto insurance is high and at the end of the day watch the adverts with jaundiced eyes. Compass Insurance serving Centennial, CO offers a few tips for keeping your insurance costs low. 

Compare Auto Insurance Costs
When was the last time you compared your insurance costs? And when did you evaluate the same? Most car owners or drivers do not take time to assess their insurances; instead, they stick blindly to one provider. 

The formulas used by most insurance firms depend on moving targets which vary tremendously. Some will offer high costs when risks become more while others only provide a price break. It is also worth noting that the rates of cover rely on your previous records and statistics, including:
•    Chances of accidents 
•    Likelihood of driving a stolen car 
•    Age 
•    Sex marital status 
•    Car model 
•    Credit score

Look For New Policies Early  
Just because you have a current policy for 6 months should not stop you from exploring other options. If you find a better deal and decide to switch providers you can be reimbursed the amount for the remaining period. At the same time, don’t wait until your policy expires because you will make yourself vulnerable to financial losses and it might increase your insurance rates to be reinstated.
Take Advantage of Discounts!
Insurance discounts go a long way in cutting down costs. As you shop around comparing rates, don’t forget to check available discounts. Some discounts to look for include:
•    Policy for more than one car 
•    Car with all safety features 
•    Giving annual premiums all at once 
•    Possessing a driving diagnostic device in your car

Centennial, CO is one of the safest cities in Colorado and Compass Insurance is humbled to provide auto insurance to all residents. Get in touch with us. Our online tool is also available.  

Livery Drivers Consider Your Commercial Insurance Needs

With the advent of so many new competitors in the livery market, it is important to make certain that you are protected in the event a point of liability occurs. At Compass Insurance located in Centennial, CO we place you in the right location to satisfy all of your insurance needs – right here with us.

At times prospective delivery drivers are so eager to hit the road and make the money they need to live their lives that they do not properly consider the liability they may encounter on that open road. That is the job of a good insurance agent. Your job is to trust them to steer you in the right direction.

Companies that sponsor delivery drivers may thrust a contract at you and have you sign before you are out on the road making money for them and for yourself. Wait – put the brakes on. Chances are your personal automobile policy does not cover all points of liability when you are driving for commercial sake – i.e as your business. 

We have just the package to fit your entire lifestyle. At Compass Insurance we specialize in auto, homeowners and commercial insurance. In addition because we are also residents of the gorgeous state of Colorado we offer "other" insurance. Come in to our offices in Centennial, CO where we can discuss your "other" baby – you know  – your outdoor buddy – your boat, your ATV your RV. Compass Insurance is the right direction, (pun intended) for wherever you are going to. 

Protecting Your Boat During the Winter

Your boat has given you lots of fun in the sun during the summer, so take good care of it all throughout the winter months. Here are some important action items to follow as you focus on protecting your boat during the winter.

Cover It Up

It seems so simple, but placing a quality cover over your boat makes a world of difference in protecting your boat investment. The cover will protect the interior and exterior of the boat and will also protect from bad weather damage throughout the winter.

Drain All Water

Water can cause a great deal of damage that can affect your investment in your boat. To avoid that, make sure you drain all water from the boat. That includes taking out the plug from the drain. Also check on your boat throughout the winter to make sure no additional water has entered the boat.

Keep It Away From Trees

Be cautious about where you park your boat during the winter. Whatever you do, do not park it under any trees or near any objects that could fall on it. Remember that harsh winter weather, such as strong wind and ice, can cause branches and trees to fall.

Protect From Thieves

While you are not using your boat or watching it quite as closely during the winter, make sure you take precautions to protect it from theft. Place it in a safe place. Also, thoroughly covering it will likely help with preventing theft.

These tips are straightforward and do not require much effort, but they will make a difference in your boat faring well during the winter. And when you take these simple steps, your boat will be ready for another fun season in the spring. If you have questions about insurance, contact Compass Insurance serving Centennial, CO for more information and details.

Facts About Commercial Liability Insurance In Centennial, Colorado

Insurance comes with a myriad of benefits in terms of protecting you from losses arising from certain risks. In Centennial, CO, if you are starting a business or own one, getting a commercial liability insurance, also known as general liability insurance or commercial general liability insurance is a wise investment. This type of insurance will protect your business assets as well as pay for a range of liabilities.

Here are some key facts about this insurance that you should know about.

Need For A Commercial Liability Insurance
It is not mandatory for you to obtain a commercial liability insurance for your business in Centennial, CO. However, even if you believe you are unlikely to face any claims, the litigious environment in which businesses operate make it necessary to obtain this insurance.

Purchasing The Commercial Liability Insurance
The typical way to obtain your commercial liability insurance in Centennial, CO is to purchase it on its own. However, you can also have it included as part of your business owner’s policy. This combines both property insurance and the commercial liability insurance into a single policy. However, it is important to find out the limit of the commercial liability coverage in the business owner’s policy. With the two insurance covers bundled together, the limit for the liability insurance may be quite low, which means you will have to consider additional coverage through a different policy.

Assessment Of Coverage Needs And Premium Costs
Your type of business will determine how much cover you need it terms of its associated risks. Your insurance premiums will also be based on factors such as the type of products or services you provide and the history of your claims.

For more information on commercial liability insurance in Centennial, CO, visit Compass Insurance.



Five mistakes to avoid when buying home insurance for the first time

Buying a home for the first time is very exciting, but it can also be very stressful.

Unfortunately, you’re not done making decisions after you’ve closed with the seller on the purchase of the property. You still have a lot of important decisions to make, like what home insurance policy you’re going to buy. 

The following are five mistakes it’s important to avoid when you’re buying home insurance for the first time:

  1. Buying the least expensive policy available. As with anything, with home insurance you get what you pay for. A cheaper policy most likely doesn’t offer adequate coverage. 
  2. Failing to put some thought into the unique risks of your particular home. You need to put careful thought into risks your home faces such as flood damage, theft, hurricane damage, and any other issues due to climate or location.
  3. Not first looking into a bundled policy with your auto insurance provider or a provider of another type of insurance you already have. A lot of insurance providers offer considerable discounts when you bundle policies. Check with your auto insurance or business insurance provider to see if they can give you a good deal through bundling policies. 
  4. Not discussing your need for home insurance with your real estate agent. The real estate agent you work with when buying the home could be a great source of information on finding the right insurance policy.
  5. Neglecting to do the math when it comes to your coverage limits. Pay attention to coverage limits. They should be enough to compensate you for your personal property in the event of a total loss.

Are you looking for home insurance in Centennial, CO? Call Compass Insurance to learn about the different policies available to you. 

3 Odd or Unusual Auto Insurance Facts

Most people find auto insurance a complete mystery. There are basic facts of course, but who can really name all of the clauses listed in their policy? The reason why insurance can be so complicated is that it is so complicated. However, it can also be somewhat fun to learn about too. Compass Insurance wants the people of Centennial, CO to know these odd or unusual facts about insurance. 

New Hampshire Doesn’t Require Auto Insurance 

That’s right. If you were to move to the great state of New Hampshire, you technically don’t have to get auto insurance. As you might imagine, there are few people who take advantage of this rule though. Because in the end, drivers are still responsible for themselves and for other drivers if they happen to make a mistake on the road. Most people know that they won’t be able to cover an accident out of pocket, or at the very least they wouldn’t want to. 

Windshields Are Normally Covered 

It depends on the type of policy you have, but unless you have liability only, windshields are usually covered under your insurance. The reason why you likely haven’t approached your insurance company if you had a spider web across your windshield is that most people have deductibles that are higher than the cost of the repairs. 

Insurance Isn’t the Same Wherever You Go 

No matter how much it may seem like all companies are the same, some simply are better than others. Compass Insurance serves the people of Centennial, CO, and we know just how to meet their needs so they stay safe whenever they get in their cars. Give us a call today if you’re looking for auto insurance coverage that’s just right for you. 

3 Reasons You Need To Insure Your Snowboard This Winter

If there’s one thing the residents of Centennial, CO know how to do it’s turning the cold and gray days of winter into a spectacular sporting frenzy. If you’re an active snowboarding enthusiast, like many of us, chances are you have plenty of equipment to help you enjoy your favorite slopes. And with any extreme sport, there come hazards too. That’s why it’s important to consider insuring your snowboard, and any other winter sports equipment you can’t live without!

Protect Your Gear From Costly Repairs

Even the most cautious person can end up having an accident at play. Falls happen. Sometimes we find hidden obstacles, such as rocks, that can seriously tear up a board. And of course, there are the occasional mishaps during transportation or storage. Should your snowboard become damaged or broken this winter, a Compass Insurance policy can help pay for the cost of repairs!

Coverage For Injuries

Standard health insurance doesn’t always cover injuries that occur during recreation, and that includes snowboarding. Supplementing your existing coverage can help you focus on recovery without worrying about hospital bills. Insure yourself and your gear this year for maximum peace of mind!

Protection From Theft Or Vandalism

Nothing is worse than having your seasonal plans ruined by some shady characters in the night! When you insure your snowboards, skis, and other treasured equipment you get coverage for damage or theft too. That means you can feel secure even when you’re not using your gear!

These are just some of the benefits you can have when you insure your most valuable possessions with Compass Insurance. We’re now serving winter sports enthusiasts in Centennial, CO. Contact us today and discover even more reasons why our insurance options can help you stay happy and active this winter!